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ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint, sketch, edit, filters, photo editor (AppStore Link)
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ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint, sketch, edit, filters, photo editor
Developer: Sylwester Los
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

ArtStudio for iPadWhether you’re a professional artist, novice designer, student, or just someone who likes to experiment with artistic possibility, then ArtStudio for iPad is a must-have app. Quite possibly the most comprehensive and quality app of its kind, ArtStudio for iPad is a top notch value – not only for its extensive features and capabilities, but for its user-friendly interface and helpful user manual. If you want freedom of artistic expression with fully-integrated iPad technology, then ArtStudio should be your first pick.

ArtStudio for iPad has been recently updated and its features are too numerous to list, but if you know how to make use of layering and gradients, like to create custom swatches, and appreciate a wide variety of brush strokes and artists tools, then you’ll be pleased. From a professional approach, it’s difficult to say what might be missing from ArtStudio for iPad, but you can be sure it has features that others don’t. If you’re a novice artist, then digging in to ArtStudio’s capabilities and functions will keep you plenty busy.

Some of the basic features and tools include guidelines and grids, layering with up to six layers, storing of up to 36 custom color swatches, 15 different tools and an impressive 150 brushes. And if 150 brushes isn’t enough of a selection, you can buy 300 more via in-app purchasing. Other upgrade  purchase options are available including oils, water colors, markers and more. ArtStudio for iPad also has various filters to apply, scaling capabilities and adjustable contrast, saturation, highlighting and more. Images can be saved and exported as JPG, PNG and PSD.

ArtStudio for iPad is so comprehensive that beginners with limited experience in art and drawing software might be overwhelmed at first. Fortunately, a very thorough user manual is included that covers all the features, how to access them and use them and there’s even a couple of YouTube tutorials available as well (with probably many more user-created ones). There’s also a helpful FAQ section for quick help and questions.

Regardless of your interest in art software, be it graphic designer, hobbyist, tattoo artist or teacher, ArtStudio for iPad is high quality, professional, comprehensive and worth taking for a spin. Its value is pretty phenomenal as well – after all, where else can you get a program this complete for only five bucks? Not only do you get a great portable art studio, but a means of honing your skills anywhere, anytime. And if you’re not a pro or even a novice, download ArtStudio for iPad and you’ll wish you were. Go ahead, unleash your creativity on the go – wherever inspiration strikes - with ArtStudio for iPad.

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  • chiily

    There's a wonderful iPad drawing appcalled MyBrushes that is excellent.The whole drawing process could be saved as drawing video.