Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

asia society museum yoshitomo nara iphoneIf you are interested in art and culture, then check out the first app introduced by the Asia Society Museum. Already available under various headings in iTunes U, the Asia Society Museum, located in New York, promotes Asian and Asian American art. Their app, Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara was created specifically for one of their current exhibitions featuring Nara, the neo-pop artist whose work is inspired by punk-rock culture.

This companion app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and features works from Yoshitomo Nara’s Nobody’s Fool collection. Users can view information about the artist, the exhibition, and of course, the art work. His work is organized by three thematic categories – isolation, rebellion, and music. With tons of information about the artist’s inspirations, the relationship of his work with each theme, and even further reading about the museum, even those who can’t attend the exhibition can still be part of it.

Though the actual exhibit features over 100 works, including drawings, paintings, and sculptures, Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara contains an image gallery of over two dozen high quality digital images ranging from the early nineties to more recent work. There is a curators’ introduction video included, though viewing is better done from the Asia Society Museum’s website than the app itself. Images of some of the other pieces in the exhibition are available under installments, including a sculpture or two. Images can be shared with friends on Facebook or Twitter too.

Whether you plan to visit the exhibition or would just like to take part without being there, Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara is a good companion for visitors and shares a wealth of information for anyone interested in the collection. The exhibit is on display now through January 2, 2011.

Image Gallery:

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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