Atari Missile Command Released for iPhone - and it's as Good as Ever

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Atari's Greatest Hits
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Atari Missile Command, the classic game of thermonuclear war, was released today for the iPhone. At $4.99, its a faithful version of the original arcade game, with the accelerometer filling in for the old trackball.

Missile Command was always one of my favorite arcade games. I think anybody over 30 will want to pick this one up for nostalgia reasons alone. The game play is excellent; for those not familiar with it the object is to defend your cities against enemy attack by shooting at incoming missiles and planes.

Besides the classic (space invaders style graphics) edition, the new Ultra version included in the game is absolutely amazing with a wide variety of enemies and futuristic graphics.

Update: Atari Missile Command for iPhone is now available via in-app purchase as part of Atari's Greatest Hits app.

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  • Some Guy

    So, you're used to pirating games, so that makes $5 too expensive to pay for a damn fun game with awesome graphics? And that would be Atari getting the know, the guys who made Missile Command in the first place?

  • david

    I tried to download it- but iTunes only offered the updated version. I'll wait for the old school one to fully come out.