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att-mwireless-mobile-home-iphoneIn functionality, AT&T myWireless Mobile, is a nearly identical version of the company’s Web site. AT&T customers (and almost all of us are) can use this app to view and pay bills, view voice minutes and data usage, and add or remove features from their accounts.

The first step is to set up an AT&T Mobility account, which you must do online. Then, download AT&T myWireless Mobile and enter your wireless account login information, which consists of your wireless telephone number and a password.

The options — view, pay and add/remove features — essentially are all you need to maintain your account. If you decide to add or remove features, you’ll get a brief feature description, pricing info and a button to tap if you decide to buy it.

Having the easy ability to look at your usage potentially could be a worth some bucks if you tend to go over the limits of one of your plans. Each text message after the 200-per-month plan costs something like a nickel apiece, so you can see how that could add up quickly. With AT&T myWireless Mobile you can keep an eye on how well, or badly, you’re doing.

You also get all the detailed information, in .pdf, about your bills just like what you see online or receive in the mail. You can pinch and zoom for a closer look and you can view your bill in portrait or landscape mode.

My bill was 94 pages long—that’s in virtual iPhone pages—but then again, my family has four phones (three iPhones and a Brand X my wife refuses to let go).  What perturbs me is that AT&T myWireless Mobile lacks navigation features that would make flipping through a zillion pages easier. It’s not a big deal for me, because I’d rather view my bill online anyway.

Still, my reaction to AT&T myWireless Mobile is ho-hum. The app does what AT&T says it will do and it’s very easy to use. The problem is I’ve always found is AT&T myWireless online is woefully slow, and using this app, even over Wi-Fi, makes viewing my user experience tedious.

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  • katrina vaughn

    my problem is there is no easy way to find parental control. i am very upset about this. i am supposed to have it but i have to call someone to do it for me. i know they are always nice but i want to be able to do it myself. i have dropped some of business & plan to drop more. i have asked for instructions to even be sent to my email. i have a short time left on two wireless contracts & have two that has no contract on it. i need another one but waiting to see what company i want. i have been with u since u took over sbc. i have had my dish & internet with u. i had planned to get internet back but i have it on my phone. did have on all four but dropped on all but mine. i have been a loyal customer but now have a teen & need controls on his. if i dont get help soon i plan to find another company. i understand threats from me doesnt mean much but i cant believe i have had no help in getting parental control myself & is important to me.