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AudioTVSeries game for iPhoneIf you’re a fan of the classic game “Name That Tune” and also happen to be a TV buff, then AudioTVSeries is the app for you. Spanning six decades of television with shows ranging from Lassie and Gun Smoke to Weeds and How I Met Your Mother, AudioTVSeries challenges players to guess show names with a brief clip of their theme song as the only clue.

Broken down into decades, with three levels each, players must get the majority of titles in one level to advance to the next. Some are easy, some might take a little collaboration with friends and some answers will simply elude you.

AudioTVSeries is easy to play. First, select a decade and then choose any of the TV screens in the first available level. A new screen will pop displaying audio controls and a hint window. If you can’t guess the TV show based on the brief audio clip of its theme song, a brief synopsis and the names of the lead actors/actresses can be displayed in the open hint window for the cost of one hint. You can earn additional hints by guessing more titles correctly without the aid of hints.

A game like AudioTVSeries is definitely geared towards a certain fan base, with pop-culture trivia and music game enthusiasts serving as the primary target. But anyone who has ever watched television certainly stands a chance of recognizing at least one or two shows and due to its auditory nature, it’s a fitting game for a group of people to play as easily as playing alone. Add to this the fact that the theme songs span six decades of television beginning with the 50s, and AudioTVSeries has questions so that people of all ages can play along.

Though the navigation within each level and between decades is simple and smooth, there are a few glitches that pop up with AudioTVSeries. There is at least one song clip that doesn’t play – or at least if you accidently enable the hint before playing it makes no sound. Even upon revisiting the level, there is still nothing but silence. Overall though, the playback quality is clear and there are very few bugs that interfere with play.

If you love television and television theme songs, then AudioTVSeries will entertain. There are quite a number of shows and theme songs catalogued, making it an overall good value. Of course there’s no real replay value unless you want to test other people’s knowledge of TV theme songs throughout history, but even so, the first time through is definitely fun and even a bit nostalgic.

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  • Mark B

    Nice app! Some TV Series are very difficult!

  • Paul V

    Now also available for Android