Aurora Feint Crash


This is apparently what Aurora Feint looks like

Aurora Feint has gotten great reviews from just about everyone who has played it. Unfortunately, a lot of people can't play it. For a substantial number of people who have downloaded the app, including me, the app crashes every time you try to load it. I've tried to figure out how to fix to problem to no avail. Do a search for "Aurora Feint Crash" and you'll see how many other people are running into this problem.

Hopefully they'll fix this and we'll be able to review it sometime in the near future. Until then Aurora Feint gets an "incomplete."

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  • Jared

    How many apps do you (and others) have loaded on your iPhone? Try removing a lot of the other apps, reboot, and try again.

  • CL

    I have 37 apps installed and barely any music and photos - not even a gig total. I've tried rebooting - no luck. Tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it - no luck.

    Hopefully they figure out these stability issues in a future release.

  • Clark Landry

    Deleted the app, redownloaded it, and it's now working. The opening movie is really slick. Review will be forthcoming.

  • Jeff U

    The game is awesome in theory.

    The game sucks in usage. This was my first download since I bought my iPhone. Af first I was able to play it.

    Now, after each update, it crashes faster and faster.

    Hint: Programmers shouldn't post an update if it doens't make the damn program work.

    My gut feeling is that the prgrammers secretly work for Microsoft.........