Aurora Feint Set to Debut an Open Platform for Indie Developers


Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron's Aurora Feint RPG puzzlers have been big sellers in the App Store. Now, Aurora Feint Inc. wants to share the love with an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features to their mobile games.

OpenFeint, the new platform, enables game devs to rapidly integrate player profiles, buddy lists, walls, news feeds and chat rooms into their games with no operations overhead, the company says.
The platform consists of a server and client. Aurora Feint will host and maintain the OpenFeint server, which is compatible with Google's OpenSocial REST API and is accessible through the OpenFeint Client code library and sample UI code from Aurora Feint.

Aurora Feint claims game developers will be able to reduce their dev work cycle from 2 months to 1 day, while also eliminating back-end server hosting and maintenance.

The platform includes features such as player profiles with avatars or photos; player walls where gamers can read and post comments; player-to-player and global community chat rooms; player buddy lists; and news feeds about gamers and their activities.

OpenFeint will be available free to developers for games with up to a yet unspecified number of concurrent players. The company says it will announce pricing for games with a larger number of players (also unspecified) when it releases the platform to the public for beta testing in March.

Devs who are interested in working with Aurora Feint before the public beta's release can enroll in a private beta test as of today.

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