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Squares! Requires Strategy

Squares! is a strategy game for the iPhone from ciretose. It is comprised of a simple game board with 25 squares. The squares are cute, the concept is straightforward, but don't be fooled — Squares!

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iBBQ - Fire It Up Leaves You Hungry

Buy iBBQ - Fire It Up (SALE!) on the App StoreiBBQ - Fire It Up is a Japanese grilling game for the iPhone. It is a strange but intriguing premise for a game. Developer EzMoBo warns that iBBQ will make you extremely hungry! Playing iBBQ is not entirely intuitive.

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With Perseverance, Nintaii is Rewarding

Buy Nintaii on the App Store"Nintai” is Japanese for patience, perseverance and persistence. Add an “i” to the end, and you have Nintaii, a puzzle game for your iPhone that requires these three qualities. There is something peaceful about Nintaii.

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Chippy Feels Like an Old-School Game

What would happen if you armed a chipmunk? Chippy is a cute woodland creature who shoots arrows at balls in this new iPhone game from Cramzy. Chippy feels old-school, though I am not convinced it is in a good way.

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Whale Song Project is Worth Singing About

Buy Whale Song Project on the App StoreWhale Song Project is an awe-inspiring app. Designed by Glad Works, Whale Song Project streams live whale songs from an underwater microphone in Maui, Hawaii. Whale Song Project was not created solely to be a soothing sound machine like Ambiance.

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Awesome Ball is... um, Awesome!

Awesome Ball uses iPhone’s accelerometer to bounce a ball around a room on your screen. Customize the ball and room with photos and special effects.

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Launch Penguins with YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw

Buy YETISPORTS 1 on the App StoreYETISPORTS 1:  Pingu Throw - Penguins are one of those well-loved animals on our planet.  Maybe it is the adorable way they waddle, the little honking noises they make, or the way they fly through the air yelling “yippee!” when a Yeti hits them with a baseball bat.

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Face Melter Pro Has Potential for Innovation

Buy Face Melter Pro on the App StoreFace Melter Pro lets you melt photos and create an animated video one frame at a time. This app is fantastic in theory. In reality, it has some issues. The original Face Melter app was simple.

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Catcha Mouse: Match Wits with a Mouse

Buy Catcha Mouse on the App StoreDo you think you are smarter than a mouse? Catcha Mouse gives you the opportunity to find out. The object of the puzzle game Catcha Mouse from Odasoft is to prevent the mouse from getting into a mouse hole by blocking his way with mousetraps.

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Galactica Takes You to Another Galaxy

Buy Galactica on the App StoreGalactica is a groovy, transporting app for your iPhone. Did you ever dim the lights, turn on trance music and stare at your lava lamp as it morphed and swam?  Galactica from Thumbspark Limited provides a similar sensory experience, except you are in charge of the dynamic ebbs and flows of the app.

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Bubble Pop: More Than Popping Bubbles

Buy Bubble Pop™ on the App StoreBubble Pop™ is the other app with the words “bubble” and/or “pop” in its name, not to be confused with Pop, Bubble Pop!, BubblePop, BubbleWrap!, BubbleWrap or Bubble Snap. Bubble Pop™ from Bapsoft is a great game that is much more complex than simply popping bubbles.

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Sticky Licky: Grab the Little Buggers if You Can

Buy Sticky Licky on the App StoreThe early frog gets the bugs! Sticky Licky from visionwise is a cute, old school-style game for the iPhone. Your primary purpose is to help Sticky Licky the frog eat as many flies as possible while avoiding bees and other dangers.

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WackyLands Green is Three Great Games in One

Buy WackyLands Green on the App StoreWhat do a surfer dude, a hippo and a bunch of cows have in common? When you play WackyLands Green, it is your job to save them all. WacklyLands Green from Fair Play Labs is three games in one app.

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Cropulator App Still Leaves You Wanting Less

Buy Cropulator on the App StoreIf you like taking and editing photos with your iPhone, you will appreciate the essence of Cropulator. Cropulator is one of those photo apps that you wish came standard with your iPhone. Though its name sounds a bit risqué, Cropulator is a straightforward app.

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There was a Game on my iPhone, Bar Bingo Was Its Name-O

Buy Bar Bingo on the App StoreWhen I was a kid, I used to play bingo at the church hall with my mom. Bar Bingo is slightly more irreverent, and a heck of a lot more fun. Before I even started playing Bar Bingo by EXTEND Interactive with my friends, looking at the game board made me laugh out loud.

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