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Love Crush: She Loves it, She Loves it Not

Buy Love Crush on the App StoreLove Crush - When is the last time that you plucked the petals off a flower one by one, reciting aloud, “she/he loves me, she/he loves me not?” Back in the day, I used a real flower, complete with real petals.

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Wine Enthusiast Guide for Wine Neophytes

Buy Wine Enthusiast Guide on the App StoreIf you like to drink wine, which I bet you do, you will appreciate the Wine Enthusiast Guide app from MobileAge. With over 68,000 wine reviews and at least another 1000 added monthly, theoretically there is a good chance that you will find a description and rating for the wine you desire.

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TextTwist Turbo is Disappointing

Buy TextTwist Turbo on the App StoreIf you play TextTwist on your computer, do not expect a similar experience playing TextTwist Turbo on the iPhone. The two word games are surprisingly dissimilar. Both games are based on the same objective: form as many words as you can from a bunch of jumbled letters.

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BargainBin is a Good Deal for Finding Cheap Apps

See what is on sale in the app storeWhen I want to know which apps are worth buying, I typically rely on word of mouth, in addition to AppCraver. BargainBin from Proximi is like a friend who keeps track of discounted apps for me.

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Easter Words is a Feel-Good Family Game

Guess the Easter word one letter at a timeEaster Words is a family-friendly holiday game for the iPhone. Like its cousin, Hangman, the user guesses a word one letter at a time. Unlike Hangman, there are no negative consequences for picking the wrong letters.

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Sink or Swim with River Cross Logic Puzzle Game

Buy River Cross Logic Puzzle Game on the App StoreRiver Cross Logic Puzzle Game will seem familiar to you if you liked to solve logic games in your youth. Developed by Taylor Steil, River Cross offers you four classic logic puzzles, reminiscent of those you did in elementary school, except back then most of us had pens and paper, not iPhones.

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Eliss is Spectacular and Addictive But Requires Practice

Buy Eliss on the App StoreWhat makes Eliss so addictive? Since I cannot put this game down, I have spent countless hours trying to figure this question out, and I plan to spend many more. My obsession with playing Eliss is for research purposes only. 

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Photos of Fire App Will Not Make You Hot

Buy Photos of Fire on the App StorePhotos of Fire by Rogue Team is one of those apps about which there is not much to say. You take a photo. You make it look like the photo is burning. Repeat. Photos of Fire simulates flames on your iPhone's screen.

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Build Cities as You Build Words with Textropolis

Buy Textropolis on the App StoreTextropolis is a text twisting game for the iPhone that lets you vicariously travel the world, if cartoon buildings and faceless people represent the world. Like Chicktionary and Word Warp, the object of this app is to form new words from the letters of one big word.

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Wait to Buy WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming

Buy Watchmen on the App StoreThe iPhone game WATCHMEN: Justice Is Coming was timed for release with the Warner Bros movie, Watchmen. While the movie has been met with some halfway decent reviews, the app created by Last Legion Games has not been so well-received.

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Drink Pro vs. Party Pro Lite: Bigger is Not Always Better

Drink Pro vs Pary Pro LiteI am a bartender, so I am always on the lookout for helpful bartending resources. Drink Pro and Party Pro Lite are just two of a number of available iPhone apps that provide you with drink recipes.


Smack Me Game Provides Simple Pleasure

Buy Smack Me™ on the App StoreWhen you start to play Smack Me, your first thought might be, “This is too easy.” You get through the first level, unlocking the medium level, and your confidence builds. “I will unlock the hard level in no time,” you say to yourself.

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Be Discreet About Your Contacts with Hide-A-Caller

Buy Hide a Caller on the App StoreI get it. Sometimes people need to be discreet when it comes to the contacts in their iPhones. Hide-a-Caller delivers what it promises: fake aliases for the names you want to hide. Hide-a-Caller from Smash Software is great in theory, and it is free.

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EventHorizon Offers Customizable Organization

Buy EventHorizon on the App StoreEventHorizon - When it comes to organizing my life, I am a fan of Things and iCal. I use Things for my to-do list, and iCal for all of my appointments, birthdays and scheduled events. When I downloaded EventHorizon, I wanted to know what this productivity app offers that I do not already have.

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Flower Picker is a Bad Pick

Flower Picker helps you choose flowers for the occasionSometimes you just don't know what type of flowers you should buy for a special occasion. Flower Picker is an iPhone app from Gentav that wants to help you out. Unfortunately, you are probably better off deciding on your own.

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