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Radio Flare Game is Like Defender With Super-Cool Music

Buy Radio Flare (Classic) on the App StoreRadio Flare is a fast-paced iPhone game from studio radiolaris that is reminiscent of Defender. You guide your spaceship to target and destroy enemy spaceships, with an added bonus: the ships explode rhythmically, adding personalized percussion to the groovy soundtrack.

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Say Cheese! Camera Genius Expands iPhone Photo Capabilities

Buy Camera Genius on the App StoreCamera Genius - If your iPhone were a camera first and phone second, it would probably have more sophisticated photo-taking features. But it’s an iPhone. Camera is nowhere in its name.

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HenHouse: Count Attack Will Exercise Your Bird Brain

Exercise your brain while you free chicksThe goal of Paprika Lab’s HenHouse: Count Attack is to tap the eggs in numerical order, from one to one hundred, freeing the chicks from their shells.

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Ancient Frog Game: Meditative or Irritative? This iPhone Game is Definitely NOT Competitive

Buy Ancient Frog on the App StoreThere is no denying that Ancient Frog is a beautiful puzzle game. One could go so far as to say that playing Ancient Frog is a Zen experience. The question is: do you want Zen in a puzzle game?

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iFunCam is a Fun But Quirky Photo App

You can be the Statue of Liberty with iFunCamiFunCam is a photo editing program for the iPhone that allows you to add frames and silly items to your pictures. You know how you can get your picture taken at an amusement park standing behind a giant wooden wall with painted bodies (like mermaids or carnival characters) with a hole for just your head to peak out of?

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Tune In Anywhere with Public Radio Tuner

public_radio_tunerPublic Radio Tuner - I love public radio. When I drove all over New York State for one of my jobs, I got addicted. Hearing Nina Totenberg’s voice come over the airwaves made me feel like I was in the room with a good friend and not 200 miles from home.

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iSteam Lets You Make Steamy Art

Buy iSteam - Hot and Steamy Entertainment on the App StoreWhen I first bought my iPhone, the most common question people asked me besides “How much is your monthly bill” was “Have you seen iBeer?” Silly and useless, yes, but people love iBeer.

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Health Cubby Connects Friends for Tracking Fitness Goals

Follow your weekly fitness progressHealth Cubby is a social fitness app from App Cubby. Health Cubby allows you to set your fitness goals on your iPhone and follow your own progress as well as the progress of your friends. This app does not support the tedious task of calorie counting, which is fine by me.

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Chicktionary is an Eggcellent Word-Making Text Game

Buy Chicktionary on the App StoreI have a thing for chickens. I admit it. Word games make me a little crazy, but chickens? I love them. Chicktionary is an excellent text-twisting game with darn cute cartoon chickens who cluck, flap their wings, toss feathers and make encouraging chicken noises as you play.

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ICOON Traveler's Picture Phrasebook is a Reassuring Travel Buddy

Buy ICOON global picture dictionary on the App StoreNervous about traveling someplace where you cannot speak the language? Fear not. ICOON global picture dictionary by AMBERPRESS is less complicated than any translation phrasebook I have used and it is handily accessible right on your iPhone. 

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PhoneFramer Dresses Up Your Photos With Fun Borders

PhoneFramer has plenty of holiday-themed framesPhoneFramer allows you to add colorful frames to your iPhone photos. It is an effortless app to use, and adds creative decorations to photos, which is especially festive around holidays. Because PhoneFramer processes your photo frame on the web, the app requires EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi.

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Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

lose-itLose It! is one of the first user-friendly calorie-counting apps for the iPhone, and it is free. The Lose It app from FitNow utilizes the Mifflin equation to determine what your daily calorie intake should be.

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Television App Brings TV to the iPhone — Not Quite

Buy Television on the App StoreTelevision from Makayama is not exactly television. This iPhone app is a video aggregator showing pre-recorded clips and podcasts, most of which are already available on the web. The Television app requires WiFi and will not work on the 3G cellular network.

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Give Your Photos Goofy Makeovers with PicTricks

Buy PicTricks on the App StoreThe first question I asked myself when I viewed PicTricks by Ziconic is what audience this app was intended for. Based on the juvenile photo-altering functions, I would have to guess this iPhone app was created for tweens and teens, most likely girls.

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Tweetie is the Only Twitter Client You Need

Do we really need another twitter client for the iPhone? If you are considering Tweetie, the answer is yes. When I started using Tweetie by atebits, this app felt familiar and comfortable, like I had been using it all along as my primary twitter client.

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