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Bobby Carrot Forever: A Game Suitable For Kids

Buy Bobby Carrot Forever on the App StoreStrange and wonderful things happen in dreamland when rabbits go to sleep; this is the premise of Bobby Carrot Forever. An award-winning iPhone app from FDG Entertainment, Bobby Carrot Forever is an animated adventure that requires the gamer to solve puzzles and find carrots before moving to the next level.

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Bowling is an Adventure with Downhill Bowling on the iPhone

Buy Downhill Bowling on the App StoreA hand-held animated bowling game did not sound exciting to me until I discovered Downhill Bowling for the iPhone. Released by GameResort as an alternative to the free Downhill Bowling Lite, this iPhone app is a clever, addictive game that is appealing and fun for all ages.

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Tweetion App Updates Twitter and Facebook

Buy Tweetion for iPhone 3 on the App StoreTweetion by Joggame is the latest in a line of Twitter apps available for the iPhone. Twittering continues to grow in popularity for individuals who want to send what-are-you-doing updates to their friends like “I just noticed I have split ends.” In marketing seminars, business people are hearing that Twitter is currently the hottest marketing tool in the social networking sphere.

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Cute Origami App is Easy and Cute

Buy Cute Origami on the App StoreCute Origami from is an iPhone app containing instructional origami videos. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Intricate pieces of art are made with one square piece of paper, using only geometric folds and requiring no glue or scissors.

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