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Fool Your Friends With iMagic Trick

The main idea behind the app iMagic Trick is your friends pick a number from 0 to 60 and answer a couple of questions. After your friend is done with the questions iMagic Trick is supposed to "magically" discern the number that was being thought of by the user.

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Mr. Papi Eat More Burgers to Win

PapiJump Land is a cute app that involves a little red ball man (Mr. Papi as he is called). The goal of PapiJump Land is to jump around the level and eat all the hamburgers. There are obstacles in the way of you getting those hamburgers so you have to watch out.

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HexSpin: Spin to Win This Challenging Color Match Puzzle

HexSpin brings to the table a puzzle game that mimics bejeweled, but with one major difference. It involves colors that need to be matched up. Each hexagon can be spun to match the colors to try and get the same colors together.

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Jabeh: Find the Hidden Stones in This Logic Puzzle

Buy Jabeh on the App StoreJabeh, an interesting logic puzzle app, is a mixture of Sudoku and Minesweeper. Your goal in Jabeh is to find the 12 hidden stones on each puzzle board. The arrows on the board are to help point you in the right direction of the hidden stones.

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Aeterius: Contact Wars - Fight For Your Home Planet

Buy Aeterius: Contact Wars on the App StoreAeterius: Contact Wars is a unique idea that works well for the iPhone. The object of the game is to hold the iPhone parallel to the ground and tilt the device in the direction that you want your ship to go.

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Twizzle Launches Color Matching Game With a Twist

Twizzle joins the many puzzle apps that involves matching colors or shapes to win. The object of Twizzle is to get rid of all of the colors in as little moves as possible. By tapping color groups of three or more the user can clear those and move on to the next grouping.

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Coins N Rainbows - Coin Sliding Fun

Coins N Rainbows was an original idea that involves the user having a coin and sliding it along the board to land on rainbows. The user would take his or her iPhone and slide it forward which sends the coin along the board and depending on where it lands on the rainbows, determines how many points the user gets.

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Ski Lodge is More Than Just Snow Reports

Ski Lodge is not the first snow reports app that I have reviewed, but it is just as good as the rest of them. It also offers much more than the rest of the snow report apps. The opening page of Ski Lodge shows all of the favorite resorts you have saved.

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Word Warp is Best Word Game for iPhone

Buy Word Warp on the App StoreWord Warp! I love this game and everything about it. This is probably the one iPhone app that I have used everyday since I have downloaded it. The object of the game is exactly like that of Text Twist if you are familiar with it.

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Fleck Tells a Magic Story

Fleck is a board game app for the iPhone and I have yet to see anything similar. The object of the game is to get the little guy in the green shirt, also known  as Fleck, to the cove. You have to do this without coming into contact with the acid raindrops or the toadstool which will poison him and ultimately end the game.

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Imangi Invites Players to Join in a Multi-Player Word Challenge

Buy Imangi on the App StoreImangi may seem like just another word game a first glance, but Imangi has a twist that makes the game different and challenging. Each row and column is actually a dial that lets you rotate the letters.

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WordsWorth is a New Wrapper for a Familiar Game

Buy WordsWorth Pro on the App StoreWordsWorth is another one of those word games that everyone seems so fond of these days. Similar to other word finding games, Wordsworth involves using letters from the hexagons on the screen and connecting them in a chain-like manner to create a word.

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The Number 14 Adds up to Good Times

Buy Number 14 on the App StoreI have been writing a bit about word games, that seems to be a popular thing for the iPhone at the moment, however Number 14 brings a number game to the iPhone. This number game is a very simple game that requires you to take the 4 numbers that are given and add, minus, multiply, or divide them in any sequence in order to end on the number 14.

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Poker Stacks is a New Twist on a Classic Card Game

Buy Poker Stacks on the App StorePoker Stacks brings together a stacked block format with a very popular card game known as poker. The object of Poker Stacks is to clear all of the blocks on the board to a level below that of the line given.

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SPACE DEADBEEF Beats Out Paid Apps to Take Top Prize

Buy SPACE DEADBEEF on the App StoreRemember the days of Space Invaders at your local arcade when you were younger. SPACE DEADBEEF brings back those days on your iPhone with a game very similar to that of space invaders. The game has you turn the iPhone on it's side and fire away at the enemies as you move from left to right.

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