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Top 100 Lets You Check Out the iTunes Charts

Top 100Top 100 is the another addition to the iTunes chart apps from developer nuTsie (maker of Rock Top 100, Hip Hop Top 100 and Top 100 by Year), which lets you listen to the top 100 songs on iTunes, streamed to your iPhone.

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Pinch 'n Pop! Will Have Your Fingers Hurting From Fun

Buy Pinch n Pop! on the App StoreThe first app store release by developer Chaotic Box, Pinch 'n Pop! will bring tons of fun to any arcade game addicts out there. Designed exclusively for the iPhone platform, Pinch 'n Pop offers addicting color-matching fun that gets increasingly frantic as the game's pace increases.

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Thanksgiving Turkeynizer Greetings

Thanksgiving TurkeynizerAfter releasing the Halloween Pumpkinizer, developer Mexircus recently released an app for the next upcoming holiday - the Thanksgiving Turkeynizer, an app that allows the user to create personalized Thanksgiving greeting cards.

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Relax With BreathPacer

Buy BreathPacer on the App StoreNew York based Larva Labs Ltd., the developers behind such apps as Flip Clock and Face Mixer, bring BreathPacer to the mobile platform, an easy-to-use breathing guide to help reduce stress and assist relaxation.

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LoanPad Offers Great Way to Compare Different Loans

Buy loanPad on the App StoreLoanPad is a useful assistant to anyone thinking about a loan or paying a loan. The first iPhone app by developer centerThread, loanPad offers the possibility of analyzing different loan scenarios and it lets the user save numerous loans to compare or manage.

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Fake Call Apps: Use Your iPhone to Make a Quick Exit

fake call appsThe number of fake call generators in the app store seems to be growing, offering users numerous different ways to set up an exit strategy for difficult business meetings, boring party conversations, unbearable dates, and unwanted phone calls.


HottrixPhone Lets You Receive One, Two, Three... Fake Calls

Buy HottrixPhone PRO on the App StoreHottrix, makers of iBeer, iMilk and iMunchies, offer HottrixPhone Pro as their contribution to the fake call trend among iPhone users.  Unlike other apps of this category, HottrixPhone Pro provides some options that make the fake calls more believable and the announced update should further the app's features.

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AlibiSMS Sends a Text When You Really Need One

Buy AlibiSMS on the App StoreGerman developer Jens Beuckenhauer  adds to the category of fake call/SMS apps by releasing AlibiSMS in the app store. The company that started 4 months ago when the app store was opened and which focuses solely on the development of iPhone apps, gets into competitive terrain here, but AlibiSMS does what it promises and will work for anyone who wants to use text messaging as a way of escape.

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GottaDash Lets You Customize Fake Calls

GottaDash is a premium fake caller app that offers simple and easy-to-use functions. Unlike some other fake-call apps like Wingman or Exit Strategy, GottaDash lets you customize your calls with several selections.

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Yay or Nay - Wingman has Your Back

Wingman for iPhoneAnother addition to the fake phone call apps, Wingman offers more than just an excuse to bail. Released by first-time iPhone app developer Mind, Matter, and Meaning, Wingman provides the option to receive a fake phone call at the touch of a button but it also provides help should you decide to stick it out on a date or at a meeting.

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Diner Dash Makes Waiting Tables Addictive

Buy Diner Dash Classic Deluxe on the App StoreDiner Dash is somewhat hard to place in terms of genre. It is part action-arcade game, part puzzle and part task management. Developed by game developer PlayFirst, Inc., Diner Dash made its way from the PC to DS and to the iPhone's mobile platform.

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"Say Who" You Talk it Dials

Say Who - Dialer is the voice recognition dialing app by developer Excuse Me Services, Inc. Available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Say Who lets you speak a contact name into the iPhone's microphone and then automatically dials the correlating number in your contacts.

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Exitstrategy Gets You Off the Hook

Buy exitstrategy on the App StoreExitstrategy is another app that will get you out of many an uncomfortable situation. Like Escape Pod, Exitstrategy creates an excuse for you to interrupt a meeting or a conversation. But instead of creating sounds that can be heard while the user is on the phone, Exitstrategy generates fake phone calls or SMS to rescue you when you need a change in topic or you are sitting across from someone you do not want to talk to anymore.

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You Shake iLaugh - Fun or Creepy?

You Shake I LaughYou Shake iLaugh is the first iPhone app by developer Roman Reyhani and it does exactly what the name promises - you shake your iPhone and an animated mouth on your screen will laugh. You Shake iLaugh lets you choose between a male and a female mouth but while the image of the mouth is different, both laughs sound undeniably male, adding to the weirdness of the female option.

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Pathways - Brain Stimulating Puzzle Fun

Buy Pathways - EDITORS' CHOICE on the App StoreReleased last week by San Diego-based developer Conniption Entertainment, Pathways is an addictive puzzle game that, unlike many other game apps of a similar nature, offers a cute storyline as well as fun graphics.

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