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Vegas Mate is a Helpful Travel Guide to Sin City

Buy VegasMate - Las Vegas Travel Guide on the App StoreVegas Mate, the recently released city guide app by the Vegas Media Group, provides very useful information for anyone going to Sin City. Vegas Mate provides lists of hotels, restaurants, shows and activities are the main focus of the app.

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Myths Busted! - Fun Trivia Inspired by TV Show

Myths Busted!Inspired by the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, Myths Busted! is a fun trivia game, which lets you test your knowledge on the accuracy of many well-known urban myths. Mike Shilinski, developer of apps like Birthdays!, ContactGrouper, or Dark Box, has applied the idea behind the fun TV show to the iPhone and has created a good addition to the trivia games available on the platform.

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GoodGuide Fills Consumer Information Gap

Buy GoodGuide on the App StoreGoodGuide is a new addition to the app store that marries truly useful information with its perfect match, the mobile platform. This is one of those apps that provides a solution many consumers have been waiting for — a comprehensive guide to the health, environmental and social impacts of everyday products like shampoo, cleaning products, sun screen, or medicine.

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Mardo's Music Trivia is Fun but Not Comprehensive Enough

Buy Mardo's Music Trivia on the App StoreMardo's Music Trivia by developer Intersphere Communications is a great idea for all the music lovers out there. If you find yourself in a situation with time to kill and you like music and popular culture, a trivia game spanning numerous music genres seems like a perfect time-killer.

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Easy Relax lets you Create Your Own Relaxation

Easy Relax is the new iPhone app by rockifone, developers of apps like Golden Castle, Easy Email, and Kyodai. Easy Relax lets you listen to seven existing relaxing sounds like "Into the West" or "Windy Autumn Afternoon." The selected ambient noise can be set on a timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours and volume levels can be adjusted.

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Sleek makes the Serpent Move Smoothly

SleekZagreb-based developer Ivan Galic's first iPhone app Sleek is a great addition to the snake games on the iOS platform. With fitting music, good sound effects and easy-to-use, responsive controls, Sleek will glue any Snake lover to their iPhone.

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P!nk's Funhouse for Everything Pink

Buy Pink on the App StoreP!nk's Funhouse is the new iPhone app in support of recording artist Pink's new album, which was released this week. This new trend of using the iPhone as a marketing and sales platform for music is making the news with other artists like Snow Patrol or Nine Inch Nails releasing apps as well.

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Moblyng Slide Shows - A Fun and Easy Way to Share Pictures

Moblying Slide ShowsMoblyng Slide Show by developer Moblying (formerly FlipTrack) is an easy-to-use app for sharing fun slide shows with your friends or with profiles such as MySpace, Facebook or Friendster. The app allows the user to select pictures from the photo album or snap new shots with the camera.

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Feel the Noise with School of Rock

Buy School of Rock on the App StoreSchool of Rock is a new interactive music app inspired by the 2003 movie of the same name. But unlike the recently reviewed Sex and the City app, this movie franchise delivers without any merch store attached. Paramount Digital Entertainment used the movie's premise to create a very fun app, that is packed with tons of different tools and aspects.

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Slifter - The Bargain Hunter

Buy Slifter - Local Shopping on the App StoreSlifter is the first iPhone shopping app that provides local retail product searches. Developer GPShopper came out with this user-friendly tool, listing over 350 million products in more than 200.000 stores across the US.

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Perilar - A Great Old-School RPG

Buy Perilar on the App StoreDeveloper Mark Damon Hughes recently released his third game app for the iPhone. After Castles and Dungeon Dice he sticks with the overall topic and brings Perilar to the App Store, an old-school turn-based RPG that takes players back to the classic games of the 90s.

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Everest Keeps You Glued to your iPhone

Buy Everest: Hidden Expedition (Full) on the App StoreEverest: Hidden Expedition is one very addictive seek-and-find game. The first iPhone app by developer Big Fish Games is a keeper with great graphics and truly addictive qualities. The game's objective is to compete against three other teams in reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

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Nanosaur 2 - Pangea Continues to Raise the Bar

Buy Nanosaur 2 on the App StorePangea Software brings yet another one of their great games to the iPhone. Nanosaur 2 fits right into the high-quality game apps, like Billy Frontier or Cro Mag Rally, that the Austin-based developer has released on the platform so far. With outstanding graphics and great action this third person shooter game is definitely worth the $3.99 price tag.

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iCopter - Simple Fun With Room For Improvements

Buy iCopter on the App StoreiCopter by developer Matthew Hertz is simple, fun, and yes, addicting, but it does not live up to the standard some other game apps have established. At first the controls of iCopter are hard to get used to but once the player can navigate the little helicopter through the obstacles, the game's addictive qualities kick in and three speed options provide different challenges.

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iAqua Gets You Hooked

iAquaJapanese developer GClue, the company behind the lovely Japanese harp simulator iKoto, has released their new puzzle game iAqua in the app store. Most users will be familiar with similar line-drop-match puzzle games but iAqua's well designed graphics and the fact that this is a free app make it very worthwhile.

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