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Brian Eno's Bloom is an Unrivaled Music App

Buy Bloom on the App StoreBloom is a truly unique music app by English musician and father of ambient music Brian Eno. Eno and his collaborator, musician/programmer Peter Chilvers, created a one-of-a-kind app, that allows the user to both create and enjoy unique pieces of music.

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Heart Monitor Keeps Track of Your Beats

Buy Heart Monitor on the App StoreNew Zealand-based developer Bluespark has come up with a very simple and great idea - a heart rate monitor for the iPhone. The app works with the built-in microphone on the iPhone 3G (older versions have to use the headphone cable mic) to listen and detect heart beats.

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Beta Version of BdCraigzList Shows a Promising App

By the looks of a video, which Alan Cook of Vancouver-based Bad Dog Apps has recently sent us, the beta version of his new app BdCraigzList  seems to provide a solid Craigslist tool on the iPhone platform.


Bugdom 2 - A Grasshopper's Awesome Adventure

Buy Bugdom 2 on the App StoreBugdom 2 fits right into the incredible line of apps by developer Pangea Software, makers of such games as Cro Mag Rally, Billy Frontier or Enigmo. This iPhone release of the company's original game offers great family fun with the right price tag of $1.99.

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Cosmovox - An iPhone Theremin

Buy Cosmovox on the App StoreFor anyone interested in the world of electronic music, Cosmovox is a great app to have on your iPhone. Portland-based developer Leisuresonic has created a motion-controlled synthesizer that offers over 45 different musical scales and uses the accelerometer to track the user's motions, mapping them to the musical pitches of the selected scale.

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Sex and the City Organizes Your Closet

The über-successful Sex and the City franchise just came out with an iPhone app.  After the hit TV series and last summer's success movie, Warner Bros. released the free Sex and the City: Carrie's Closet app, which offers different links related to the series as well as a photo cataloging tool for the user's closet.

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The App Store - No Gold Rush for Developers

After news about some great success stories of applications released  on Apple's iPhone platform, some might conclude that the app store is a gold mine for developers. But according to a recent article by Dan Frommer of the Silicon Alley Insider, the reality for most developers is far from a gold rush.


Cosmic One - Fast Addictive Puzzle Fun

Buy Cosmic One on the App StoreCosmic One is a simple shape-matching puzzle game with instinctive controls and addictive qualities. Developer oeFun, Inc, the company behind other iPhone games like iVoodoo and Stress Toy, brings the puzzle game in its most basic form but with increasing and controllable pace, Cosmic One can be played by a four-year old as well as a grown-up.

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Neverputt ME Isn't a Hole in One, But Still a Fun 3D Putting Game

Buy Neverputt ME on the App StoreNeverputt Mobile Edition is a 3-D putting game with smooth gameplay and over 100 holes on seven courses. Developer Lazrhog Games uses the same physics as Neverball, the popular jailbroken game the company released as a competitor to Monkey Ball.

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Otto Matic - Pangea Continues to Bring Great Games to iPhone

Buy Otto Matic on the App StoreAccording to a post on the Touch Arcade Forum, renowned game developer Pangea Software is working on the iPhone release of their 3-D adventure game Otto Matic.  Based on their PC game, Otto Matic is set in the 1950s with a robot on a mission to save the earth from evil outer-space attacks from Planet X.


Kroll takes iPhone Graphics to Another Level

Kroll, created by Spanish game developer Digital Legends Entertainment brings a game full of myth and magic to the iPhone. Kroll is an action-packed arcade game set in an ancient world in which the player has to accumulate magic by killing enemies.

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Baccarat Pro - The Personal Casino Trainer

With Baccarat Pro Avalinx Llc., developer of the awesome 21 Pro game, delivers another great card game to the iPhone. Using the same user-friendly interface as 21 Pro, Baccarat Pro provides everything you need to understand and learn the game of baccarat and thereby offers great fun for beginners and advanced players alike.

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Rock 'n' Roll will get you Spinning

Buy Rock'n'Roll on the App StoreThis fun arcade game by UK game developer Tag Games Limited might get you dizzy but it is a lot of fun. The premise is fairly simple - two friends, Rock and Roll, are on an island where the Evil Sky Spirit got angry and kidnaps Rock, because an electrical shortage caused all of his musical notes to disappear from his guitar.

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i.TV - The Future of the TV Guide

Buy i. TV on the App Storei.TV is a new TV and movie guide that just hit the app store yesterday.  This app offers a vast amount of TV listings and movie theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing show descriptions, previews and trailers, celebrity bios, as well as the option to write a review and share information and opinions about shows or movies.

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Last.FM 2.0 - Update makes App Rock Even More

Buy on the App StoreThe free music streaming and discovery app Last.FM (reviewed on AppCraver in early September) just got better. The recently released update for Last.FM offers great improvements to user-friendliness and design, making it more comprehensive and less confusing to use.

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