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Escape Pod - Making a Getaway Just Got Easier

Escape Pod for iPhoneEscape Pod by one-man British iPhone app developer Dardan Software allows you to get off the hook in pretty much any awkward phone situation. The app offers 29 pre-recorded sounds as well as the ability to record new sounds and add them to the library. Sounds like "Smoke Alarm", "ER Background" or "Train Station Chatter" can be played at the desired volume during an uncomfortable or annoying conversation.

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Elections Needs Improvements to get the Vote

Buy Elections on the App StoreAs one of many apps focusing on the 2008 presidential election, Elections shows interesting potential but falls short of being truly useful and informative. Brought to the iPhone by developer Magnificent Library, the app provides lists of candidates for presidential, US congress, gubernatorial and state legislature elections.

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Billy Frontier is One Addictive Space Cowboy

Buy Billy Frontier on the App StoreThis third iPhone game from Austin-based developer Pangea Software (makers of Cro Mag Rally and Enigmo, both reviewed on Appcraver) is incredibly addictive. With phenomenal graphics, great sound and awesome spaghetti-western music this game offers diverse levels and is quite simply a hell of a lot of fun.

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iToony Makes Your Pictures Talk

iToony Speech Bubbles and DrawingiToony lets you decorate your photos with speech bubbles, captions and drawings, providing a fun tool for anyone who has time to spare and wants to amuse their friends. The $2.99 app from developer Standard Widget Corporation lets you decorate photos from your photo library or from photo sharing sites Flickr and Picasa.

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The Tag Show Offers Fun Way to Search for Images

This debut app from Dove Valley Apps works as a fun search tool for pictures from public image feeds like Flickr and Picasa (Google Images is supposed to be added soon).  The navigation of this free app is basic and easy - you enter a tag and a slide show of the images found appears on the screen.  

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Talking Phrasebooks make for Great Travel Companions

Buy Spanish to English Talking Phrasebook on the App StoreThe Talking Phrasebooks apps from UK application developer Coolgorilla offer basic phrases and dictionaries in six languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek and Portuguese) with over 350,000 downloads so far and Spanish being the most popular language.

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