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Maya The Bee: Flower Party Offers Mini Games for Pre-schoolers


One of the best features about Maya the Bee: Flower Party is how it unfolds. The mini games have a realistic learning curve for young kids.

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Favado Helps Shoppers Save Big on Groceries


Favado lets you compare prices of everyday grocery and drugstore items to help you get the lowest price.

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TOPPS KICK is Must-Have Trading Card Game for English Football Fans

Topps Kick app icon

TOPPS KICK is unique in that it doesn't just allow you to collect your favorite players, it's also a casual fantasy football game.

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Must-Have Real Estate Apps for Savvy House Hunters

Real Estate Apps

If you're on the hunt for a new home, don't miss these must-have real estate apps.


Mini Golf Matchup's Colorful Courses Make for Great Social Putt-Putt

Mini Golf Matchup app icon

Mini Golf MatchUp is a putt-putt powerhouse that pits friends and random opponents against each other in a fun game of cartoon miniature golf.

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6 Apps for Achieving a Healthier Diet

Apps for healthier eating

Whether the goal is to lose weight or eat more vegetables, these apps can help you track your food or find new recipes to support a healthy way of eating.

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Blendamaze Adds Creative Color Challenge to Classic Labyrinth Game

Blendamaze app icon

Blendamaze is a colorful and quirky take on a classic labyrinth maze game with enough unique features to keep iPad and iPhone players coming back for more.

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6 iPad Coloring Books That Are Changing the Way Kids Color

Coloring Book Apps for Kids

Though coloring is still the main entertainment, iPad coloring books offer additional activities to engage young minds and inspire artistic play.

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6 Free Cookbooks Apps for Home Cooks and Family Dinners

Cookbook apps

With features like sharing and favorites, cookbook apps are a huge improvement over books. Even better, these cookbooks for iPad and iPhone are free.

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Pay Medical Bills on the go with Simplee App

simplee app icon

The new Simplee app is a powerful medical wallet solution that helps people manage and pay all their family's medical bills through their iPhone.

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Wire Storm Adds Sparks to Popular Puzzle Genre with Electrifying Twist

Wire Storm app icon

The gameplay is familiar - connect the dots to earn points - but the electricity of Wire Storm is more appealing, improving on the original puzzle.

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7 Great iPhone Apps to Create Custom Ringtones, Alerts and Alarms

Apps for making iPhone ringtones

Creating a custom ringtone is easier than you think — especially with a good ringtone app. Get creative and customize your iPhone with unique sounds.

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Go Exploring! These Apps Use the iPhone's Built-in GPS for Finding Adventure

GPS apps for iPhone adventures

There are awesome apps using the iPhone's built-in GPS in innovative ways. Here's to finding a more interesting path!

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Facetime Alternatives: 7 Apps for Video Chatting on the iPhone

Video Chat apps

If you want to video chat with friends who don't use an iPhone, Facetime is limited. These alternative apps can video chat, text and make calls for free.

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Zapd's Collaboration and Discovery Tools Take Mini Sites to the Next Level of Cool

Zapd for iPhone app icon

Zapd for iPhone makes collaborative collages of photos, text and links. More than clever marketing, each Zap is a stylish, mobile-friendly website.

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