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Interview with Guy Moss at Cave Bear

AppCraver recently heard from Guy Moss of Cave Bear the developers of the Jumble! family of word-search apps. He answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Ready to Win Free Stuff? Then Follow AppCraver on twitter

On the lookout for Free stuff? We've got schwag leftover from Macworld and we're feeling generous. All you have to do is sign up to follow us on twitter, then pay attention to the feed. Starting Thursday morning, we'll be giving stuff away once a day for as long as it lasts.


Interview with Jim Warhurst of Blackbeard's Assault

AppCraver recently spoke with developer Jim Warhurst, creator of Blackbeard's Assault, about his process for developing apps.
1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?
Jim: This is my first app for the iPhone, I started development Aug 20th, 2008.


Interview with Xin Zhao, iSpreadsheet developer

Recently AppCraver heard from Xin Zhao, the developer of iSpreadsheet and snake. He answered our questions on developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.
1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


Macworld 2009 Update: Editor's Picks Part 2

Another day at Macworld and this time we hit the south hall of Moscone Center in search of even more good news from the iPhone front. Today, we're showcasing three more of our favorite finds.


Macworld 2009 Update: Editor's Picks Part 1

We're at Macworld slogging our way through aisle after aisle in the search to bring you the best new iPhone products on the market (or an their way to market). It's tough work, but your worth it.


Visiting Macworld: What's on my iPhone?

Like many Apple, Mac and iPhone enthusiasts, AppCraver is visiting Macworld this week. In addition to packing clothes, business cards and a whole bag of technology I had the unique experience of "packing" my iPhone as well.


hiCard Sends Greetings for All Seasons, All Reasons

Buy hiCard - Suite: Postcard Greeting Cards! on the App Store

It's always fun to get mail. Whether it's regular old snail mail or a digital notecard, it's nice to know that someone is "Thinking of You." HiCard Suite is the best app I've seen to send electronic greetings.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: , ,

Wanted: Customize Your Photos For Old-Timey Fun

Buy Wanted on the App Store

The folks that created cartoonizeme for adding comic faces, props and frames to photos have another entertaining app called Wanted that turns your iPhone pics into sepia-toned wanted posters. You can customize the name, reward amount, and add western-style props to any photo in your library. Nothing good in your library? You can also choose to take a new photo and start with that instead.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , ,

HappyHour Tastes Great, More Filling

Buy HappyHour on the App Store

With more than 9,000 drink recipes, HappyHour has to be the largest database of drink recipes available in one iPhone app. Of course quantity isn't everything, there's more to making a good cocktail app than stuffing it full of recipes.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

Tiki Towers: Start Monkeying Around

Buy Tiki Towers on the App Store

Tiki Towers is a building game where you use various island objects to create bridges, wheels or towers for your monkeys to climb. Tiki Towers is quickly addictive and perfect for short bursts of play.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Christmas Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch

iPhone Christmas Games

Christmas is here! And what better way to celebrate the season, than with a few holiday-themed games for your iPhone or iPod touch.
Between presents and relaxing, family fun and egg nog, you're likely to find a bit of downtime.


Roll Like a Rolando in Innovative iPhone Game

Buy Rolando on the App Store

Rolando, one of the most anticipated games for iPhone and iPod touch, is ready for download and iPhone gaming will never be the same.
Rolando is an awesome example of what developers can accomplish using Apple's multi-touch technology and accelerometer — and a whole lot of imagination.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 5.0/5 | Category:

Eos Wireless Speakers: Deck the Halls with Sound


I have a love/hate relationship with external speakers. Cheap speakers aren't much better than what's included with your device — computer, iPod, iPhone, etc. High end speakers are, well, they're high end which often translates as expensive and difficult to set up.


Snowdome: Be Hypnotized by Dancing Snow Flurries

Buy Snowdome on the App Store

The new Snowdome app from Yotta Digital is quite easily the most beautiful snow globe app available. Snowdome's "motion-sensitive 3D movement" sets it apart from the others. The graphics are elegant with stunning photography capturing 6 different scenes.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

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