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Facetime Alternatives: 7 Apps for Video Chatting on the iPhone

Video Chat apps

If you want to video chat with friends who don't use an iPhone, Facetime is limited. These alternative apps can video chat, text and make calls for free.

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Zapd's Collaboration and Discovery Tools Take Mini Sites to the Next Level of Cool

Zapd for iPhone app icon

Zapd for iPhone makes collaborative collages of photos, text and links. More than clever marketing, each Zap is a stylish, mobile-friendly website.

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AccessToGo Connects iPad to Windows at 2 Speeds: Regular or Blazingly Fast

AccessToGo - app icon

Ever find yourself thinking, “Wow, this iPad is great. If only I could use Internet Explorer.” OK, probably not. Most people who want to use an iPad to access their Windows desktop or use programs on their home computer have more complex needs than browsing the Internet.

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ProShow Web Creates Slideshows Quick and Slick from any iOS Device

ProShow Web app icon

I’ve been on a mission recently to find a really good app for making photo-to-video slideshows. Of course it had to be simple, so stylish templates were a pre-requisite. And, I’m a bit of a control freak, so I wanted to know that themes wouldn’t be overly restrictive either.

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Jasmine Leads the Apps with Better Ways to Watch YouTube on Your iPad

YouTube on the iPad

The iPad is a device that encourages multimedia consumption. I read more tweets, play more With Friends and watch more videos ... well, at least, until recently. Video on the iPad just isn't the same since iOS 6.

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LifeTopix is a Holistic Approach to Personal Organization

LifeTopix app icon

Designing a better task manager is the 21st century equivalent of building a better mousetrap, as such, developers have been trying to improve the to-do list as long as they've been writing code.

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Zippy Yum's New App for Ordering Subway is Awesome, If You Live in Orange County

Subway Ordering for Orange County

Zippy Yum presents an interactive menu and ordering system that connects to Subway restaurants in Orange County. Pretty awesome if you live in the area.

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Mike Mulholland Brings Visual Effects Skills to iOS Games With Puzzle-Rocket

Mike Mulholland from pixelZapp

Interview: Indie Developer Mike Mulholland of pixelZapp brings visual effects skills to the gaming world with his first app Puzzle-Rocket.


Interview with Lauren Foster and Christine Tseng from CatFoster Media

CatFoster Interview

Ever wonder what it's really like to develop your first app? Meet Lauren Foster and Christine Tseng from CatFoster Media. In this interview, Lauren Foster and Christine Tseng answers our questions and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it was like to create Zombie Burst and get it released into the App Store.


4 Creative Ideas for Custom iPhone Cases

The Vibe iPhone case

What do you see when you look around? If you think everyone and their mother already has an iPhone, just wait. With Cricket and other no-contract carriers joining the party, the party is about to get a whole lot more crowded.


Mobile Rewards Offers New Ways to Cash Out With Your iPhone

Mobile Rewards for iPhone

If you've ever used a survey site to earn money, then Mobile Rewards will seem very familiar. Read this review to see if the iPhone app is as rewarding.

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Classical Music for Babies Makes it Easy to Turn on the Mozart Effect

classical music for babies - app icon

Classical Music for Babies provides a streamlined method for playing music designed to enhance the minds of young children using the Mozart effect.

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MyMusicCloud's Cross-Compatible Solution Streams Music to All Your Devices

mymusiccloud icon

If you're the type who lives life with a custom soundtrack of personalized playlists, streaming music over the cloud is the best thing since the iPod put 5,000 songs in your pocket. As any music lover can attest, once your collection is over a few gigs of data, it becomes impossible to store on your mobile device.

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Conference Me In Takes Care of the Details for Hassle-Free Meetings

Conference Me In iPhone app

Conference Me In offers one-touch dialing that simplifies the process of joining conference calls and eliminates human errors and forgotten numbers.

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Relaxing Apps: 7 iPhone Apps for Relieving Stress

iPhone apps for relaxing and managing stress.

It's a tradeoff we all have to make, but that doesn't mean we like it: our smartphones sometimes load us down with stress even as they make our lives easier. The nature of the modern workplace is such that it's usually a challenge to completely "disconnect" and spend some time recharging your mood.


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