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Pogo Stylus is Finger-Slidin' Good

While I may have been "born with the ultimate pointing device" (according to Steve Jobs), my fingers are a bit oversized when it comes to creating fine detail. It's a problem I've gotten used to when typing text messages, but now that drawing apps are available, it's time to find a better solution.

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Frogger's Still Crazy Fun After All These Years

Buy Frogger on the App StoreThe first game I ever fell hard for was Frogger. Oh how I loved to watch that froggie jump and leap and then -- SQUISH! I was 8 and getting the frog across the street was a bit of a challenge, but I loved to make that amphibian hop.

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iLaugh, You Laugh, We All Laugh

Buy iLaugh Sound Machine on the App StoreWhy is six afraid of seven? Because 7,8,9! (Cue hysterical laughter.) This might be an extreme example, but now you really can "cue the laughtrack" when telling jokes that are more "roll your eyes" than "rolling on the floor." iLaugh Sound Machine is the most amusing 99 cents I've spent on an iPhone app so far.

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Face Melter: Pliable Fun for Photos

Buy Face Melter on the App StoreContact list beware... I'm going to pinch your faces! Face Melter is so much fun, I just can't stop. I've already moved on from faces to dogs and inanimate objects. The premise is this — if you can shoot it, you can melt it.

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Ambiance: Soothe the Savage Beast With Sound

Buy Ambiance on the App StoreI'm working from home today, but rather than the "peace, quiet and pajamas" I was expecting, there is a construction crew working upstairs. I really need to set the mood... what I need is a bit of Ambiance.

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Tangrams Invites You to be a Puzzle-Solving Rock Star

Buy Tangrams on the App StoreI've always been fascinated by tessellations -- the images created by grouping geometric figures into larger patterns. So, I was excited to for a chance to test out Tangrams which is a Chinese puzzle game based on the same idea.

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5 Ways to Light your Phire — Best Light Apps for the iPhone

iphireI remember the first time I saw someone raise their cell phone during a concert ballad. It lacked the badass cachet of flicking a bic to "Freebird." It's a sign of the times when nobody carries lighters anymore.


Sketchy Brings a Nostaligic Twist to Drawing on iPhone

Sketchy -- Aaron Tait's new-fangled version of the classic etch-a-sketch -- is just like the original. Two large white nobs control a tiny bead as it draws lines across the screen all rolled up in a familiar red package.

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Kaleidoscope is a Gorgeous Adaptation of the Original Toy

If you like to look at pretty things you could go out and get yourself a collector's edition kaleidoscope for around a thousand bucks. Or you could buy Kaleidoscope for $1.99 and use the rest of the money to frame your fancy new artwork.

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Rubberduck Fails to Float

I'm pretty easily amused. I find joy in the little things. So, I fully expected to like Rubberduck. I mean, it wasn't gonna make the top 10 most useful apps list, but surely it's good for a few laughs.

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Rainstick: Soothing Sounds All Around

Buy Rain Stick on the App StoreI've always enjoyed rain. Whether it's a soft, gentle spring rain or the deluge of a summer storm, the sound of falling water is soothing. So it's no surprise that I'm a sucker for a rainstick. And, like an uncommonly large fold-up umbrella, Frontier Design Group has me covered.

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Low-tech lives on in OmNomNom Classic Snake Game

Buy OmNomNom (Classic Snake) on the App StoreBack in the day -- way back when old school was still new -- Nokia introduced a fun little way to run down your cell phone battery. Snake was a simple game. Use four arrow keys to control the snake while he roams the screen eating snacks, but don't let your ever-elongating snake touch himself or it's game over.

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Rave Light Wows with Color

Buy Rave Light on the App StoreThis little light app has just one function, and it does it in a playful way that is easy to use and loads of fun. To get started, tap the app and shake your groove thang. *Pulsating music optional.

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QuickLight is a Super Simple Lighting Solution

Of all the light-shedding apps we've tested, the simplest app to use of the bunch is QuickLight. It offers limited choices and ease of use. Double-tap the screen to bring up your options. Choose between three colors or "concert" setting.

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LOLCats: Cute, but not always LOL

Cats, yes. LOL, well maybe not so much. The LOLCats app from MC Development brings up photos from flickr with the tag LOLCats. Unfortunately, as with anything that relies on folksonomy, your mileage may vary.

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