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myLite Flashlight and Colored Strobe

Buy myLite LED Flashlight & Strobe Light for iPhone and iPod - Free on the App StoreOf all the lighting apps out there, myLite has the best combination of luminescent choices. Start with a plain old flashlight, choose "normal" under effects and customize any color and brightness using the simple sliders.

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Crazy Lighter Revel in the Sound

Buy Crazy Lighter - Gold on the App StoreThis is our favorite lighter app for iPhone. Unlike most other lighter apps, Crazy Lighter doesn't show the source of the fire. It's just a simple flame set to high. What really distinguishes it from the crowd -- and makes it worth your buck -- is what we call the zippo feature.

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iBlackout is on Fire!

iBlackout is one of the slickest lighting apps and has a good range of options. There's the standard plain or colored flashlight, but no ability to customize the color. Or, choose "effect" for to get your light from a fancy screensaver pic of a light bulb, lightening or other light-related source.

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