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Meet Mathieu Laban and Phillipe Rollin, the Two-Man Shop of Flying Development Studio

Mathieu Laban and Phillipe Rollin from Flying Developer Studio.

Ever wonder what it's really like to develop your first app? Meet Matthieu Laban and Philippe Rollin from Flying Development Studio LLC. In this interview, Matthieu Laban and Philippe Rollin answers our questions and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it was like to create Infinite Flight and get it released into the App Store.


BobbleShop: Create Custom Bobblehead Dolls for Animated Entertainment

BobbleShop icon

There are more than a handful of apps to create personalized avatars and cartoon characters. Each has it's own style, but until now, I haven't known of an app that gives quite the same effect as BobbleShop.

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Gliph App Gives Back Control Over Personal Privacy to the People

Gliph App

One new way of protecting your personal privacy is to use the new Gliph app for iPhone and Android.

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Green Apps for Eco-Minded iPhone Owners

apps for going green

Do you remember Captain Planet? If you need a refresher course, he and his charmingly diverse, apparently-truant teenage accomplices roamed the globe fighting criminals bent on polluting lakes or endangering wildlife.


6 Ways to Shake Your Bad Habits! Top Goal Tracking Apps for iPhone

tracking goals with iPhone or iPad

What's your secret? What's your terrible vice, your one bad habit that you just can't seem to drop? Everyone has at least one, and whether it's smoking too much, swearing too frequently, or forgetting to put on pants, help is only a download away.


Stitcher Radio Excels as a Discovery Engine for Internet Radio Enthusiasts

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio excels as a discovery engine. The app encourages exploration with channels that highlight the best Internet radio programs and podcasts.

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Useful iPhone Apps for Budgeting and Taking Control of Your Money


Let's face it: the economy is in a slump, and these days getting the most out of every cent really matters. Some people make ends meet with a second job, others cut costs and make their lifestyle as frugal as possible.

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9 Incredible iOS Apps for Amateur Astronomers

astronomy apps for iOS

Do you have very strong opinions about the planetary status of Pluto? Do you hush everyone in your car and turn up the radio when Neil Degrasse Tyson comes on the air? We get it: you’re into astronomy in a big way.


8 Frighteningly Fun Halloween Apps for All Ages

iPhone 4 Case by Ideal Case.

Let’s be clear, or at least ethereally translucent – it’s hard to get a really good scare out of your iPhone, unless of course you're getting calls from the hereafter, or you have the cell number of the Beast.


Zombie Apps: iOS Games That Want eat Your Brains!


Twilight? Vampires? Werewolves? Really? Come on. They’re good for scaring and maybe titillating teenage girls — but Zombies are real.
At the beach last month, I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and World War Z; I drank zombies; I listened to Rob Zombie; I rented Shaun of the Dead; And of course I played zombie apps.


The Legacy of Steve Jobs: Videos and Links Remembering an Icon

Steve Jobs dies at age 56

Steve Jobs' Inspiring Speech

Whether they knew him personally or not, Steve Jobs was an inspiration to people all over the world. This 2005 commencement speech is one example — some say the quintessential example — of his ability to inspire a crowd and share wisdom with humility.


Food Truck Trackers: 8 Apps to Follow That Truck!

food truck tracker

Download one of these top food truck trackers for the iPhone and before you know it you'll be joining the hungry masses in the hunt for mobile munchies.

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Current Events Stream By on FLUD for iPad and iPhone

FLUD Mobile - 405461124

Ever sat back and thought "Gee, I wish my news feed had more of a 'Hollywood Squares' feel to it?" Truth be told, you probably haven't evet thought that. But, trust me, it's much more elegant than it sounds: An ordered grid of news and social content can speed up your daily browsing by letting you skim through your favorite providers' content without the need to open and peruse tabs individually.

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Top News Apps for iPhone and iPad Information Junkies

Top iPhone and iPad news apps

It's a snap to keep track of current events using any news app on your iOS device. Start with these top iPhone and iPad news apps for information junkies.

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Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

family road trip games for iPad and iPhone

The challenge of a road trip is keeping everyone happy. These classic road trip games are updated for iPad and iPhone so the whole family can play together.

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