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The Ultimate List of iPhone Video Apps for Editing, Effects and Sharing Mobile Movies

iphone video appsFrom editing video and adding special effects to social media distribution, these video apps will get your iPhone movies ready for the spotlight.

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KipCall Connects to Your Facebook Contacts By Phone or Email

Buy KipCall on the App StoreiPhone apps already access Facebook to sync profile pics and manage contact information. But KipCall offers more - the ability to make free calls to FB friends.

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Royal Wedding Apps: Download Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

royal wedding appsA recently released poll indicates that more than a third of smartphone users in Britain have downloaded royal wedding apps. Some users want news and information, some like the games or royal wedding trivia, others simply want a keepsake.


Thief Lupin Challenges You to Become King of Thieves

Buy Thief Lupin! on the App StoreIf you're a fan of micro-platforming games that are action packed, you'll love Thief Lupin, a fun, challenging game that at the top of the charts in App Stores around the world.

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Sexy iPhone Apps — Newer, Sexier, in HD!

sexy iphone appsThough tame by modern standards, these iPhone apps have more sex appeal than their g-rated predecessors. Back when this article first hit the 'net, Nine Inch Nails’ front man Trent Reznor had only recently assailed Apple for blocking an update to the band’s iPhone app because it used “objectionable words.” Apple had long maintained that only G-rated material would make it to the display windows of the App Store.

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5 Ways to Make Money With iPhone Apps

make money from iphone appsThis list of money-making apps turns the tables on how to make money in the App Store. Instead of you paying for the app, how about letting the app pay you?

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Mac App Store Opens with 1,000 Apps and 1M Downloads

mac app store opens with 1 million downloadsThis morning, Apple announced the stats for the Mac App Store's opening day—drum roll please—over one million apps were downloaded in the first day. “We’re amazed at the incredible response the Mac App Store is getting,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.


Top New Year's Resolutions ... and the Apps to Be Successful

According to the popular list-making website, these are the Top 10 New Year's resolutions of 2011: lose weight; try something new; save money; be happy; achieve an athletic goal; fall in love; take a photo every day; get a job; read more; and quit smoking.


The Most Expensive iPhone Apps of 2010

list of the most expensive apps for iphoneForget, for a moment, that this article is about finding the most expensive iPhone app and complete the following sentence: For $999, you can… Pay for five laptops for third-world children; Feed and intoxicate yourself and five friends at a decent restaurant; Buy a new wide-screen HDTV Pay rent or mortgage for a month in middle America; or Download an iPhone app.


Six Book Cases for iPad That Deserve Space on Your Shelf

padandquill-caseSwitching from hard cover books to ebooks means more than just having to re-buy your entire collection of Nancy Drew mystery novels. For many bibliophiles it feels like the end of an era.


ESPN Pinball's Enhanced Graphics Are Fun to Look at and Play

ESPN is a popular sports network. Pinball is that fun table game you play in bars and arcades. What do they have in common? Pick up ESPN Pinball to find out.

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Unforgettable iTunes Announcement on the Way from Apple

Apple posted an early-morning message on Monday teasing consumers with the promise of something new to come for the iTunes Store. "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget," reads the message on Apple's home page.


Slice It! This Precision Puzzle Could Become Your Next Obsession

Buy Slice It! on the App StoreWas there a guy in your sixth-grade class who spent day after day drawing geometric shapes on graph paper, fascinated by the perfect symmetry that medium afforded him? Well, he's made an app.

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Notes Plus: Close Up Look Reveals Full-Featured Productivity on the iPad

Buy Notes Plus on the App StoreNotes Plus is a full-featured note-taking application, complete with improvements on almost everything you can do with a pad of paper and a pen. I do have complaints, but they are utopian. Measured against the competition, Notes Plus seems ideal.

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Lawn Mower Kids is an Allergy-Free Good Time

Buy LawnMowerKids on the App StoreLawn Mower Kids is a game where you control kids as they mow lawns around their neighborhood. Trust me: it's a lot more fun than it sounds. Law Mower Kids is actually a twist on the classic "real-time strategy" gaming genre.

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