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neu.Notes for iPad Organizes Your Thoughts With Searchable Tags

Now and then you happen across an app that gives you something mindbogglingly simple yet so functional that you soon wonder how you ever got along without it. Other times, you happen across an app that leaves out so many no-brainers that you find yourself shouting at your iPad screen like an overly-immersed audience member at a horror movie: "No!

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Ant Smasher Finds Greatness in Being Gross

Buy Ants Smasher on the App StoreGiven the interactive, high-resolution touch screen of the iPhone and our primal instinct to smash things that can be smashed, it seems only natural that developers build games to capitalize on this repressed aggression.

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Powwownow: Phone Conferencing The Way it Was Meant to Be

Buy Powwownow on the App StoreOkay people, I need your help on this one. Somebody please tell me how Powwownow makes money? The popular U.K. conferencing service  (also available in the U.S.) is now available through this free app.

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Texts from Last Night App Delights in Debauchery, and Lets Users Vote

Buy Texts From Last Night on the App StoreIf you're of a certain age—read: you're a college student—you likely already know all about Texts From Last Night, or TFLN for short. TFLN is a Webby Award-winning website, a popular Facebook group, a book, a soon-to-be TV series on the Fox network, and, now, an iPhone app.

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Monkey Island 2: Special Edition: Le Chuck's Revenge

Buy Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge on the App StoreThe emergence of the App Store has undeniably created a renaissance of exciting and inventive new games. This much is not news to anyone. What gamers may not realize is that the iPhone has become the stage for older PC games to get a second life, and even the chance to come back into fashion.

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Battery Boost Magic App is an Essential iPhone Maintenance Utility

Buy Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver on the App StoreDo you need Battery Boost Magic? Stop reading this review if: you don't care how much time you have left to talk on your iPhone, play videos or audios, or surf the Web; you really don't mind if your iPhone or iPad battery doesn't get fully charged; a smudgy screen doesn't bother you much; and you don't think there's a point to preserving your battery life.

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Unique iPad Cases Made for Personal Style

monster-caseWhen you start looking for a case it can seem that there are more choices than there are iPad owners. There is an ocean of options: hard, soft, ultra-protection, ultra-stylish, colorful, classy, low-cost, high-dollar.

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The Ultimate List of Weather Apps for iPad (and iPhone)

ipad weather appsI know, I know, all you want to know is whether you need an umbrella. That’s what you say now. But once you take a spin through the various approaches to weather apps available for the iPad, well, you’ll still just want to know whether you need an umbrella.

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6 Drawing Apps to Make Art on the iPad

drawing apps for ipadSomeone either much wiser or just much snottier than me once said, “Painting is easy. Art is hard.” These apps can get you painting on your iPad. Is it art? It depends who you ask – just don’t ask that guy.


Super Snaps! 7 Unique Photo Apps That Add Image Effects to Your Pics

photo effects appsMost iPad owners own iPhones. So, it stands to reason that they also have photos that need work—and 10.7 inches of screen on which to do it. But why get elbows deep in photo editing to develop a cool effect?

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6 Awesome Photo Editing Apps for iPad

photo-editors-ipadPhoto Editing Apps range from fully featured to simplistic, from innovative to prosaic. Fortunately, so do the needs of their users. If you crave every feature imaginable? Check. Want a fun new intuitive touchy-feely experience?

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Top Tips and Tricks for Extending the iPad Battery Life

how to extend iPad battery lifeThere oughtta be a law against battery-sucking devices that don't have the energy to get through the day. The iPad is the newest darling of our erstwhile representatives in Washington, according to, so maybe they will take on the task of mandating that tablets as awesome as the iPad come  with extended battery life — or at least enough juice to get through two PowerPoint presentations, 10 chapters of a favorite book and 6-10 addicting hours of our favorite games.

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Wonky WiFi: Problems and Solutions for iPad Internet Woes

Your iPad is always on, and it’s always a touch away from the Internet. That is, of course, unless you are experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, the iPad’s evil twin. The moment the tablets were in users’ hands, the issues began.


Super Stylus: Use Pogo Sketch for iPad Drawing Apps

Pogo stylus for iPhone and iPadWhile testing out a drawing app on the iPad recently, I was sadly reminded that oversized fingers are not the best tools for creating fine art details. There are so many fantastic drawing apps for the iPad that I don't want to be held back by my clumsy pointers.


Phone Tracker is a Joke — a Bad Joke

Presselite's Phone Tracker is a joke — but don't take my word for it. Look it up in the App Store, and read Presselite's explanation. Phone Tracker's main purpose — check that, its only purpose — is to display your iPhone's GPS location and pass it off as somebody else's.

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