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Idea Organizer Grabs Text, Voice and Visuals for Easy Notes

Buy Idea Organizer on the App StoreIdea Organizer is a handy little app for catching your brilliant ideas in the most convenient way. In my experience "notes apps" or thought-catcher apps like Idea Organizer fall into two categories: too many features or too few.

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iAm: Explore the Great I Am Through Quotes and Photos

Buy iAM on the App StoreiAm is an inspirational app designed to provide users with a guide for spiritual meditation and contemplation. The app uses stunning photography and more than 200 quotes from recognized authorities around the globe.

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Zenscape: Colorful Lightplay is Quietly Calm

Zenscape - More than a year ago, Koi Pond floated onto the app scene with a gorgeous (if pointless) app that allowed users to affect an onscreen world with a touch, tap or swipe. It was an instant success and app developers have been using the model ever since hoping to achieve the same fame.

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Deadlier Allusions: Mini Crime Sagas for the Cultured Detective

Deadlier Allusions is another installment of text-based who-dunnits for armchair detectives. The criminal capers are all murders where the victim has left behind clues that — if interpreted correctly — will point to the "perp." It's the players job to suss out the truth and solve the murder through multiple choice.

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iPeriod is Just for the Ladies (mostly)

Buy iPeriod Period Tracker Ultimate / Menstrual Calendar on the App StoreiPeriod won me over. Although menstruation tracking apps aren't exactly new to the App Store, I've avoided reviewing any of them. It's not that I'm squeamish about the subject matter. It's just that I've never been the type to track this information, so why start now?

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Anitello: Animated How-to Videos for Life's Little Problems

Anitello is an app designed to provide "clarifying animations" to "entertain and assist." The animations cover basic tasks such as jumpstarting a battery or cooking a steak — simple stuff that people frequently have questions about.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 2.5/5 | Category:

Wordweaver Takes Word Games to the Next Level

Buy WordWeaver on the App StoreWordweaver adds new features, twists and roadblocks to the typical "find and select" word puzzlers. It could be one of the most innovative word games I've played in a while, and it's easily the most challenging.

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Red Hot Slots: Video Slots are a Reel Good Time

Hoyle Red Hot Slots app iconRed Hot Slots is a rock-and-roll good time for anyone that enjoys games of chance. ...Take that, Vegas! I'm going with Red Hot Slots.

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PhotoShoot: Maim Your Photos in Marvelous Ways

PhotoShoot is a customizable dart board that lets you choose a photo (aka: target) and dart-style to release frustration or a enjoy quick chuckle.

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Grabl is a Fast-Paced Addition to iPhone Word Games

Buy grabl on the App StoreGrabl is a word-building strategy game that will appeal to those brainy types who prefer a shot of adrenaline with their morning crossword.

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MonsterABC Wraps up Entertainment and Education in One App

Buy MonsterABC on the App StoreOne of the newer edutainment apps to hit the marker is MonsterABC, an alphabet primer with a monstrously cute theme.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

AppCraver: Sponsored by a Casino Near You

How do you like AppCraver's new look? Thanks to Encore, this week's premium sponsor, we're ready to host a world-class casino night. Chips, check. Whisky, check. Aces securely tucked away, double check.


iCaption Harnesses the Power (and Pain) of Community

Buy iCaption (Funny Pics - FAIL, Signs, plus more!) on the App StoreiCaption (Funny Pics - FAIL Signs, plus more!) is an iphone application for all you Dane Cook fans out there — meaning I don't think it is remotely funny or even tolerable but I guarantee some of you out there will.

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Hulala iPix is a Girly Way to Dress up Your Pics

Buy HULALA iPIX on the App StoreHulala iPix — pronounced like a tropical version of oo-la-la — is another image decorating app that invites users to "bling up" their photos and share them with friends via Facebook or email.

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Orbital: Best-Looking App, but Still Requires Strategy and Skill

Buy ORBITAL on the App StoreOrbital, the new space-themed app from BitForge, is a stand-out game that can be played with one hand. It falls loosely into the brick-breaker category, but takes this straightforward concept adds a few new ideas, a bit of social media and packages it all up with gorgeous graphics.

Barbara Holbrook rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

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