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All Out of Love for Travel Karaoke

Lassiquendi's Travel Karaoke and Sing-A-Long is a well-meaning app, but overly ambitious in including either "travel" or "karaoke" in the title. Both are a bit limited.  I can give Travel Karaoke and Sing-A-Long some credit, though:  Lassiquendi, is aware of its weaknesses and clarifies in the app's description that it is taking steps to manage shortcomings in  future versions.

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Clue: No Longer a Boring Board Game

An update of the classic Hasbro board game, Electronic Arts' Clue is a killer modernization of the old-fashioned who-dunnit. The pace is fast, the women are faster, the men and the weapons are cool.

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Viva Vegas Slots! Fast-Paced, Picture Perfect, Gambling

With unsurpassed precision, Electron Hut's vice city inspired Vegas Slots puts five 3-reel slot machines on the table for those who are tickled by taking a chance. Bell Fruit, Double Jackpot, Double Jackpot 3-Line, Triple Sevens and  Triple Sevens 5-Line offer an exciting selections of odds and options.

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Ouch! is Fun to Play, but Even More Fun to Set Up

Buy Ouch! on the App StoreHondune Games' Ouch! is a combination of merriment and masochism featuring a customizable "rag doll" character to be abused in a multitude of scenes and scenarios with realistic physics and sounds.

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Monkey Around With Primate Plunge

Hand-drawn backgrounds provide a beautiful backdrop for a jaunty little top-hat wearing wild thing, in Aelius' Primate Plunge. As Monkey drops through obstacles such as thorny branches or bouncy ropes, tilt and tap to guide him safely through potential peril.

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Dummy Up Your Photos With Say What!?!

With a developer named Marmot Kilt, it has to be good. Say What!?! is a unique photo manipulation app that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to make a photo "talk," like a ventriloquist's dummy.

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Staying Alive in Zombieville USA

Buy Zombieville USA on the App StoreThe campy graphics and theme are killer in MikaMobile's Zombieville USA. A little man in a trucker hat and a fishing vest is on a mission to kill some zombies and you, the user, are his guide. 

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Doodle Jump Entertains By Leaps and Bounds

Buy Doodle Jump on the App StoreDoodle Jump by Lima Sky appeals to simplicity in name, game design and play. Mimicking the appearance of actual doodles on graphing paper, the sketchy-sketch of a main character dons a suspiciously Qbert-like facade.

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Tap Tap Coldplay Showcases The Speed of Sound, Indeed

Buy Tap Tap Coldplay 1.1 - 13 Tracks on the App StoreTap Tap Revenge: Coldplay Edition is the hottest new partnership in the Tapulous universe, following smashes like Tap Tap Revenge 2 and Tap Tap NIN. Whereas, in Tap Tap 2, I was blown away by the sleek, futuristic look of the orbs floating toward the tap targets, more subtle bars of light stream toward them in the Coldplay incarnation. 

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TopVideo Sounds Good, but Misses The Point

TopVideo by Akinwale Ariwodola is a an application that aims to provide the user with the most popular videos from sites like YouTube and more. However, TopVideo doesn't truly provide videos, plural.

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iNinja Lite Is A Shining (Throwing) Star

Buy iNinja Lite on the App StoreGeppetto Inc.'s iNinja Lite is a thoroughly addictive game of staving off opposing ninjas with while mastering one's own ninja skills. The App Store description boasts the game's physics engine and high frame rate.

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WeirdFacts: You Had Me At "Frogs don't drink water"

Buy WeirdFacts on the App StoreLike that kid from Jerry Maguire, the precocious application WeirdFacts, by Jens Beuckenhauer, volunteers odd facts for the iPhone user's amusement. A Random Fact button at the bottom generates hundreds of weird facts on a notepad on the screen.

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Who Has The Biggest Brain? Sizes Up Facebook Friends

You can insist that size doesn't matter, but Playfish's Who Has The Biggest Brain is only helping to perpetuate such stereotypes. For shame. Who Has The Biggest Brain is a competition, linked with social networking giant Facebook, that prompts the user to solve as many simple seeming puzzles as possible in the one minute is allotted in each of four categories: analytical ability, calculation, memory and visual processing. Each category has its own mini-games,12 in total, puzzles dealing with arrangements, order, repetition, spacial evaluation and similar concepts. A brain size is then derived from performance through those four categories and compared with that of Facebook friends who also play. Be forewarned, it can be humiliating!

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Amazing Ninja Buddy Wants To Say Hai

Enter the dojo with Amazing Ninja Buddy by Omegasoft. It's a pretty amusing application that utilizes the iPhone's touchscreen and accelerometer for gameplay. The ninja will respond to the user's touches by springing into different actions.

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iScribble Gives Photos The Write Stuff

For those who just can't seem to keep a good grasp on where, when or with whom a photo was taken, iScribble swoops in to the rescue. The user can add a note or a scribble caption to saved photos via buttons in the upper left corner or a handy Post-It note style upturned page in the bottom right corner and save the captions for later review.

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