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TextFree Unlimited Feels Like A Let Down After The Hype

Pinger, known for its popular iPhone interface, has developed an application that many users are clamoring to message boards and review sites to cheer as another great innovation. Supporting America's pastime, texting, with a contract free, low cost iPhone/iPod utility, TextFree Unlimited gives the user unlimited messages, albiet with limited texting capabilities, at no per message cost.

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Tap Tap Revenge 2 Dominates Casual Gaming Like a Rock Star

Buy Tap Tap Revenge 3 on the App StoreTap Tap Revenge 2 stuns with starry graphics and incredible music selections From its inception, Tapulous and their Tap Tap family of games have become App Store legends. Like fellow juggernauts Tap Tap Revenge and Tap Tap NIN before it, the new Tap Tap Revenge 2 involves the seemingly simple task of shaking the iPhone or iPod touch and tapping bases at the bottom of the screen as orbs guide your choices, in time to music.

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Old School Arcade Bowling is Skeeball for the iPhone

Buy Arcade Bowling™ on the App StoreRemember that gorgeous, graceful teenage girl, gliding around on roller skates at the old fashioned rink and arcade. That wasn't me. I was clinging to stationary objects, seconds from peril with every move.

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VooDude Does Korny

VooDude - I'm a petty person. If one could say I get a thrill from winning, it'd be with ease that one could go a step further and say that revenge actually brings me a perverse pleasure. As such, I reveled in the opportunity to exact revenge via Aspyr Media's VooDude application.

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Wheels on the Bus Tickles, While Your Toddler Does!

Buy Wheels on the Bus on the App StoreA charming interactive book, Wheels on the Bus encourages you and your little one to poke or slide things on the screen to see what happens!

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HydroTilt Demands, Yet Rewards, Tenacity

An unparalleled, heart-racing challenge of coordination, codeglue's HydroTilt is a strategy game in which the player manipulates their iPhone/iPod touch to control the flow of a droplet of water through obstacles over floating platforms.

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What Could Be Better Than A Slumdog Millionaire? How About a TV Show King?

Buy TV Show King on the App StoreTV Show King - Trivia games are so enticing because it just feels stunningly sweet to be right, to win, to have shown one's intellectual superiority over all other participants. Belittling the brains of a geek at a bar: brilliant.

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Block Knights: 4 Play Modes add Variety to this Puzzle

Adding the innovation of iPhone's range of motion capabilities to a Tetris-like puzzle format, BitCaper's Block Knights spins, or more appropriately, tilts and dips, into four fun different variations of the classic challenge of  arranging predetermined block combinations to form and clear rows of blocks.

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MusicNeon: A Melodic, Quirky Puzzle That Intrigues

Buy MusicNeon on the App StoreWith its enchanting rewards of music and gifts for negotiating a path, but an infuriating lack of guidance, MusicNeon serves up a delectable digital bite of quirk that may make an Apple user feel like Alice in Wonderland.

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