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Electoral Map a Toss-Up

Buy Election 2016 Map on the App StoreElectoral Map is a pretty straightforward application that lets you track the US presidential election with up-to-date polls by state on a map. By clicking on the info button, you can see the underlying data and sort it by state, polling date, and size of lead for either candidate.

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LED Basketball Scores Another Win for touchGrove

Buy LED Basketball 78 on the App StoreiPhone application developer touchGrove had a big hit with LED Football and has followed up logically enough with LED Basketball. Featuring a butter-yellow case, 70s-style players complete with booty shorts and high socks, and an overall flawless reproduction of the original game, LED Basketball is a highly entertaining retro pleasure.

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Trapster is a Good Idea, Not Quite Ready For Prime Time

Buy Trapster - Speed Traps & Road Hazards, Real Time Traffic, Driving app on the App StoreTrapster is a useful iPhone application that warns you when you're getting close to police speed traps, red light cameras, and other traffic-related traps.

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iTunes 8.0.1 Released

itunesiTunes 8.0.1 is out, with substantial changes to media playback and purchase. The update also features a device synchronization tool. Specific changes include: Seamlessly plays the current song when creating a new Genius playlist.


Skizzle Video

skizzleFriend of AppCraver Sudo Labs, developer of puzzle game Skizzle, sent us this demonstration video for Skizzle. Review coming soon...


Polarbit Developing Wave Blazer and Armageddon Squadron for iPhone

wave-blazer-1We're hearing that mobile developer Polarbit is in the process of developing Wave Blazer and Armageddon Squadron for release on the iPhone by the end of the year. Polarbit is the developer of wildly popular games Raging Thunder and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D for the iPhone.


Flash coming to the iPhone?

VentureBeat reports that Adobe is indeed working on Flash for the iPhone. Apple Insider is confirming, saying that Senior Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems Paul Betlem said at the Flash on the Beach conference that his team is working on Flash for the iPhone.


Apple Drops iPhone Developer NDA

Apple is dropping the NDA on developers for released iPhone software. From the Apple site: The NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success, so we are dropping it for released software.


Microsoft Developing an iPhone App

microsoftYahoo News is reporting that Microsoft acquisition Tellme is developing a speech recognition/voice-activated search application for the iPhone for release by June. The iPhone doesn't currently have speech recognition capabilities, so this could fill an important functionality gap for the iPhone.


Star Wars - The Force Is Strong With This One

starwarsStar Wars: The Force Unleashed was released recently on a variety of gaming platforms to middling reviews. As I haven't played the console versions yet I can't speak to the quality of those games; I can say that the iPhone version is an impressive and enjoyable game that is a must-download for any mobile gaming fan.

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Galcon - Amazing Real Time Strategy Game For the iPhone

Buy Galcon on the App StoreFollowing up on our brief profile of developer Phil Hassey yesterday, we thought we'd review his flagship application for the iPhone, Galcon. Galcon is a simple real time strategy game.

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How Apple Decides Whether or Not to Put An App in the App Store

Funny cartoon from


BreakTouch - Ingenious Twist on Classic Video Game

Buy BlocksTouch 3D on the App StoreSince the 1976 release of Breakout for the Atari, there have been literally hundreds of adaptations made of this classic game, most notably Arkanoid in 1986. Most deviate from the original in minor ways (Arkanoid's addition of powerups, etc).

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Virtual Conquest - Great Idea, Needs Refining

Virtual Conquest is a Risk knock-off for the iPhone, the first of its kind. The concept is good; the execution needs work. The basics of the game are similar to Risk. The game is played on a board representing the world, with the various continents divided into territories.

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Reversi - Nice Version of the Classic Game

Buy Reversi on the App StoreFeaturing 1 and 2-player modes, five different difficulty levels, win-loss tracking by level, and a variety of other options, Reversi is a well-executed and enjoyable app.

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