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Real Soccer 2009 - Quality Soccer Sim

Real Soccer 2009, released this week by developer GameLoft, is easily the best sports game I've seen on the iPhone to date.

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PocketGuitar is Amazing

Buy PocketGuitar - Virtual Guitar in Your Pocket on the App StoreI've seen a lot of great iPhone applictions, but it's been a while since I've seen one as clever and entertaining as PocketGuitar. PocketGuitar turns your iPhone into a virtual guitar, allowing you to strum and press strings as you would on a real guitar. 

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LED Football is Highly Addictive, Retro Fun

Buy LED Football on the App StoreLED Football from iPhone application development shop TouchGrove is a fantastic recreation of the old hand-held football game from the 80's. The game looks absolutely identical to the original, and features the original sounds as well.

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Linguo - A Superior iPhone Translation App

* Editor's Note: We've reviewed many translator apps since this article first published in 2008. For more up-to-date-information check out the iPhone translator Travel Interpreter. When it rains, it pours.

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BdTranslator - Translations App

Buy Translator 42 Languages on the App StoreAppCraver reviewed translation app Talking Phrasebooks recently, so when Alan Cook from Bad Dog Apps sent us a free test version of BdTranslator, another translation app, I thought we'd take a look at it and compare it to Talking Phrasebooks.

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Apple Screen of Death

I was getting the Apple Screen of Death repeatedly on my phone last night, so I had to do a complete restore. This morning I was confronted with this: Nice way to start a Saturday.

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Interview with Tony Chen from Elite Web Central

We caught up yesterday with Tony Chen from Elite Web Central over email. Tony is the developer of Daily Wallpaper, a web application for the iPhone. AppCraver: When did you start developing web applications for the iPhone?


Aurora Feint Becomes the Best Free Game on iPhone, Eventually

aurora-feintI've documented my problems with Aurora Feint previously. I wasn't able to get past the opening screen without having the application crash. Several reinstallations later, I was finally able to play the game, only to get stuck in the first section of the game without any way to progress or quit.

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Fantasy Football Draft Central '08 - Not A Top Pick

apOpening weekend of the NFL is just days away, which means fantasy football draft season is in full swing. Perfect timing for Fantasy Football Draft Central '08 for the iPhone to come along.

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Mobile Phone Telescope is a Neat, if Low-Res, Addition to the iPhone

mobile-phone-telescopeThe Mobile Phone Telescope is a nice add-on to the iPhone and the first of its kind that I've seen. The equipment consists of two pieces - a clear plastic cover for one side of the phone, and another clear plastic cover connected to a basic telescope for the other side.


Apple Store Credit Unavailable?

Got this when trying to download the free app Hanoi. My credit rating must have taken a swift and substantial turn for the worse.


Interview with Brian Wurster, Developer of Tangrams

AppCraver caught up recently with Brian Wurster, developer of the popular Tangrams iPhone application. AppCraver: When did you start developing applications for the iPhone? Brian Wurster: I am a PC developer by trade, so programming for the iPhone was completely new to me.


iMaze has a Few Unexpected Twists

imaze1iMaze is actually pretty fun. I was surprised. I’ve complained in an earlier post about actually mechanical games like this. But, for some reason, the iPhone version is fun. The game is just like a marble maze.

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Aurora Feint Crash

Aurora Feint has gotten great reviews from just about everyone who has played it. Unfortunately, a lot of people can't play it. For a substantial number of people who have downloaded the app, including me, the app crashes every time you try to load it.

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GolfFlyOver Coming Soon

Our friends at PosiMotion clued us in to the upcoming release of GolfFlyOver, an app that gives you a bird's-eye view of any of 12,000 golf courses they have in their database. But wait, there's more: There won’t be any surprises on the golf course for iPhone owners now that GolfFlyOver puts aerial views of over 12,000 golf courses along with pinpoint yardage information in the palm of their hand.


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