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Get Addicted to Candy Wars

candy warsProhibition 3: Candy Wars is the latest in the banned-substance series from Catamount Software. Apple rejected Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars due to its seemingly objectionable content, so the developers decided to go with a far more mundane, but perhaps just as addictive, topic for reworking the game — candy.

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iMafia: Criminal Enterprise Gameplay Needs More Polish

Social gaming has become all the rage, especially with the popularity of games like Mob Wars on Facebook. iMafia, by PlayMesh seeks to join in the fray by allowing you to grow a criminal network and share it with your friends.

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Battle in Space with Cosmo Hero

Buy Space Storm on the App StoreThe latest version of Cosmo Hero offers up some excellent game play and is vastly improved over the original. This version is the newest game from DAVA Consulting, the same group behind iDicto and the underwhelming Zoom Zoom.

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Phonescream is Loud and Startling

If iPhone theft worries you, then PhoneSCREAM may be the app to calm your fears. PhoneSCREAM lets out a series of eardrum-destroying noises in the event the phone is lifted off of a surface. If the standard sounds are not quite annoying enough for you, there is an option to record a voice message of your choice.

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Mars Explorer: Planetary Rover not yet Ready for Launch

Buy Mars Explorer on the App StoreMars Explorer - A human journey to Mars still may be many years into the future. But a new app wants to put you in the control while cruising around the Red Planet on your iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is Mars Explorer, and while it has a good concept is still lacking in the execution of some details.

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vConqr: World Domination is Closer, but still Just out of Reach

The Risk knock-off vConqr has undergone quite the revamping since our original review of the game when it was known as Virtual Conquest. This version is more playable and should appeal to both Risk fanatics and iPhone/iPod touch gamers.

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Alpine Ski Trail Maps Show the Lay of The Land for Skiers

Alpine Ski Trail Maps promises to relieve you of having to tuck away those foldable ski maps into your coat. Instead, it offers hundreds of maps that can instead be all tucked away onto your iPhone/iPod touch.

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Track Obama's Approval With Change

With Barack Obama now sworn in as president it is time for some serious opinion poll watching. If you are an Obama fan or a political junkie, this is a great app for keeping your finger on the pulse of what others feel about the 44th president.

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Duck Killer Lacks Killer Instinct of Other Hunting Apps

Buy Duck Killer on the App StoreHunting has a long tradition in video games. There was Duck Hunt, a classic that many still own or have downloaded to their Nintendo Wii. Or there is the Big Game Hunter series. Hunting games have developed their own niche among video game fans.

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Solve 16 Mini Puzzles in Lego Batman: Gotham City Games

Lego Batman: Gotham City Games is an excellent and engaging game that pieces together the Lego video game series into a puzzle-based game. However, it is very different from the traditional Lego video games available on the consoles.

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KamiCrazy Touches the Best of Puzzles and Platforms

Buy KamiCrazy on the App StoreKamiCrazy is a great puzzle game that capitalizes on the finger-swiping ability of the iPhone/iPod touch. Sure, it doesn't look like a puzzle. Especially since the main character is a bearded wannabe Rambo-type soldier with a few missing teeth. 

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2009 Presidential Inauguration App Guides You Through D.C.

Planning on having your iPhone with you at the inauguration? If so, a new app from PointAbout is a worthy companion for your journey. The app aims to live up to its name - 2009 Presidential Inauguration Guide. It is designed as an all-in-one resource on your iPhone that will do everything from providing mass transit information to finding the nearest Starbucks.

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Airfight Puts You In The Cockpit of a Flight Simulator

Buy AirFight on the App StoreAirfight is a good attempt at delivering a dogfight sim for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Developing an app with the complexities involved is no minor feat, and most of the game play turns out quite well. But there is some room to grow and other features that would make this even more compelling.

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Blast Aliens With Sentry Alpha

After seeing so many mediocre games and apps comes through the App Store, it is sometimes easy to lose faith that the iPhone/iPod touch can truly be a legitimate gaming platform. Then, a game like Sentry Alpha comes along and restores my faith.

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Touchgrind Misses Mark With Gameplay

Buy Touchgrind on the App StoreTouchgrind is addictive — but for all the wrong reasons. I found myself madly playing for hours trying to master a control scheme that was nearly impossible to navigate. Touchgrind is a skateboarding game that works like a virtual Tech Deck fingerboard.

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