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Twittelator Pro Nearly Perfect For Serious Messaging

Buy Twittelator Pro for Twitter on the App StoreTwittelator Pro offers an incredible amount of features all in one Twitter app. If you are looking for one application to handle all your twittering needs it would be hard to go wrong with this app. Yet a few glitches keep it from being the "perfect 10" that it is capable of.

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I Love Katamari — More to Like than to Love

Buy i Love Katamari on the App StoreI Love Katamari is the newest iteration of a game that went through a major overhaul from the original version. The new app has good responsiveness and some solid features, but a few hiccups and some odd gameplay still keep it from being a must-have for iPhone/iPod touch gamers.

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Save Your Breath for Zoom Zoom

Buy Zoom Zoom on the App StoreZoom Zoom is one of the stranger offerings to come from the App Store. You will probably either love it or hate it. Those who left comments on the DAVA Consulting app's iTunes page either lauded it for its ingenuity or wondered why time was wasted on its development. The reason? You do not control the game with the touch screen or accelerometer — but with your mouth.

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Crazy Snowboard Now Updated for iPhone and iPad

Buy Crazy Snowboard on the App StoreCrazy Snowboard 2.0 is an app with multiple personalities. On the one hand it is one of the better designed games around for the iPhone, iPod touch and now the iPad, too. Its weakness is the sometimes quirky gameplay that keeps it from being a truly great offering.

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LED Football 2 Offers Retro Gridiron Action

Buy LED Football 2 on the App StoreIf you grew up in an era when LED games were cutting edge technology, then LED Football 2 may hold some nostalgia for you. Like its predecessors, LED Football and LED Basketball, it is a fairly accurate representation of the handheld LED sports game that were among the first handheld entertainment devices.

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Killer Pool a Challenging, Fun App

Buy Killer Pool on the App StoreThe bright, touch-sensitive screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch almost calls out to be filled with a pool table (well, maybe just to me). Perhaps this is why Killer Pool is the latest in a string of pool games that have appeared in the App Store. There is certainly many to choose from — with Midnight Pool being one of the best. Killer Pool bests that app in many respects, yet still has some room to grow.

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Biiplane Offers Good Flight; Little Else

Buy BiiPlane - Flying Game on the App StoreBiiplane is a flying app that will test your ability to maneuver your iPhone or iPod Touch through a simplistic obstacle course. It works well as a flight simulator through its use of the accelerometer.

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Fire Art Garden Not That Explosive

Buy Fire Art Garden on the App StoreFire Art Garden is a puzzle offering that puts you in a race against time to launch fireworks. To do so, you must rearrange a rope maze to let a spark makes its way to the launchers. While Fire Art Garden is novel in concept, some unresponsiveness from the touch screen keeps it from being a truly great app.

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Slingshot a Mind-Bending Space Battle

Buy Slingshot on the App StoreThe typical spaceship game has you racing through space and blasting your enemies. Instead, Slingshot relies on one very important weapon: your mind. The purpose of Slingshot is to launch missiles at the enemy and obliterate them before they get you.

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Raindrop Will Have You Tipping and Tilting

Raindrop offers some simple fun that will have you tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch back and forth in an effort to keep yourself safe in the clouds. The "you" is a tiny raindrop, which must maneuver around an increasing flow of clouds to keep falling through the sky.

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Gun Down Elves with Shotgun Santa

Buy Shotgun Santa on the App StoreThere is nothing to get you into the Christmas spirit quite like a shotgun-wielding Santa gunning down some zombie elves. That is what you get in Shotgun Santa, a clever game that has promise but ultimately lacks depth.

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Arcade Hoops a Blast for Basketball Lovers

Buy Arcade Hoops Basketball™ on the App StoreAracade Hoops is a fast-paced and exciting offering for those looking to work on their jump shot with an iPhone or iPod touch. Skywords Interactive, which is behind the popular and productivity-killing ESPN Arcade, brings a slick app patterned after the basketball shooting games found in arcade rooms everywhere.

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Booty Blocks a Tetris Lover's Dream

Booty Blocks is like Tetris on steroids. And it is just as addicting; possibly more. While the concept is simple, Booby Blocks makes for some great fun. The goal is to group together blocks with matching colors.

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Bounce and Splatter Your Way to Fun With de Blob

Buy De Blob on the App StoreAn innovative and fun platformer makes its way to the App Store in the form of de Blob. If you are a Nintendo Wii owner it may sound familiar as it also exists in a well-regarded Wii version. The developers made good use of transforming it from one motion-sensing gaming platform to another.

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Warfare Incorporated: An Epic Adventure

Buy Warfare Incorporated on the App StoreMost of the games that have made their appearance on the iPhone have been of the speedy, arcade-style variety. Not so with Warfare Incorporated. The port of the popular game for the PC and other platforms is an excellent option for those who want a longer, in-depth experience for their iPhone or iPod Touch.

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