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Cube Delivers on First-Person Shooter Gameplay

Buy Cube on the App StoreCube is a solid effort at a first-person shooter for the iPhone. There is a high learning-curve in gaining mastery of the controls, which are a bit awkward. Maneuvering the game's menus, maps, and other features also is counter-intuitive. But underneath some of the quirkiness lies a great game that, with patience, you may learn to enjoy.

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Test Racing Skills with Powerboat Challenge 3D

If you are looking for a racing game that escapes the mold of similar ones found at the App Store, then give Powerboat Challenge 3D a try. Instead of racing through streets, take a powerboat through rivers in a challenging course against other opponents.

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Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide Offers Handy Advice

Buy Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association on the App StorePocket First Aid & CPR Guide provides some useful information that will be handy to have at the ready. The app provides a fairly comprehensive guide to conducting CPR and a number of other first aid remedies. The information was pretty solid, but the question is how often one will use it.

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Fight the Undead with Zombie Mansion

First person shooters are starting to make their way to the App Store. One excellent option is Zombie Mansion. The game has its flaws, but it is a good effort at bringing some of the time-honored tradition of blasting zombies to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The game begins by placing you trapped inside, go figure, a mansion. Fortunately you are armed with some sort of magic stick that fires energy balls at the undead.

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Save the Planet from Dullness with BurnBall

Buy BurnBall on the App StoreBurnBall is an addicting game with a fairly simple concept that is executed well while making use of the accelerometer. The premise is that the evil Dr. Grey aims to turn the entire planet, you guessed it, gray (perhaps an understudy of the grey-loving Jasper John). You are Roy, whose mission is to stop him.

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Punch-O-Meter is a Knock-out App — just hold on tight

Buy Punch-O-Meter on the App StoreIf you have always wondered whether you have the punching power to test your skills in Mixed Martial Arts; or perhaps take out that guy who bullied you in fifth grade, then Punch-O-Meter is the app for you. It acts as a power meter for your right or left jab. Provided you don't mind having your iPhone in hand as you punch away.

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MazeFinger Gives Your Hand a Workout

Buy MazeFinger Plus on the App StoreMazeFinger is a lightning fast maze game that puts your kinesthetic skills to the test and is a great app for some speedy, mindless fun. Gameplay involves racing through a maze with your finger against a clock.

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Google Maps Update Makes a Traveler's Delight

Google Maps was already one of the strongest built-in apps on the iPhone. But with the 2.2 software update the addition of Street View and the ability to get public transit information make this almost a necessity for traveling or getting around a major city.

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The Dark Knight Nowhere Near Success of Movie

The Dark Knight: Batmobile Game is the latest marketing tool to get you excited about the hit movie. It is not as cool as the flick, but it should give you a few rounds of fun before it becomes a bit repetitive. In the game you control the Batmobile in a race through the streets of Gotham. The graphics are pretty sweet, especially the detail on the Batmobile.

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Stompem is a Brain Twizzler

Buy Stompem on the App StoreStompem is a game that will test your mental skills as you maneuver a one-toothed, balding character to squash vegetables and beach accessories. Think again if you believe the purpose of this game is to mindlessly squash away. Instead you have to figure out what order you should stomp the items in order to avoid Fumu-San (yes, that's his name) breaking into tears - which is what ends the round.

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iTimeZone Keeps Your Head Straight

Buy iTimeZone - World Clocks Calculator on the App StoreiTimeZone - You are scheduling a teleconference for 10:00am with your colleagues in New York, London and Tokyo.  But what time will it be at their offices?  Will anyone be in? To solve this dilemma usually takes figuring out the time difference for each of these cities separately.

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Inferno Pool a New Twist on Billiards Apps

Inferno Pool is a game about how fast you can sink a group of fiery-looking pool balls into the table's pockets. Inferno Pool is quite a challenge as you race against a clock to clear the table.

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Chili Pepper Blackjack Brings Spicy Casino Action

Maybe you just saw the movie 21 and think you are ready to break Vegas. Or you are looking for another game to get addicted to on your iPhone and burn through some battery life. Either way, you will have a great time with Chili Pepper Blackjack. It is a solid offering from Fat Free Games. There is a mix of excellent graphics and interactive gameplay to get you hooked.

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Get Your Gambling Fix With Burning Monkey Casino

Burning Monkey Casino is a great way to get in some Vegas-style action on your iPhone. Video Poker, Blackjack, slot machines and more await you. As long as you don't mind some strange-looking monkeys joining you for a few rounds. The game's strength lies in the variety of chance-based games and the integration with the iPhone's touch screen. in the lottery ticket game, you "scratch" your ticket by rubbing the screen with your finger.

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Fieldrunners is Addicting, Strategic Fun

Buy Fieldrunners on the App StoreFieldrunners is one of those games that looks simple in concept but is difficult to put down once you start playing. Its subtle addiction comes from a great blend of strategy and shoot-em-up fun. The purpose is to gun down a group of enemy fighters who like to run across open fields without cover. To stop them you must build a series of machine-gun strapped towers, slime sprayers, and missile launchers to prevent them from reaching safety on the opposite side of the field.

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