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Sync and Share Your Files With These Apps

apps to sync files on the iPhoneMany attempts have been made to turn the iPhone into a portable memory drive. Already, AppCraver has looked at the acceptably-performing Datacase, the highly-regarded Airsharing, and the less-than-stellar Files.


Files Lite: A Doc-Syncing Solution

Buy Files : Document & PDF Reader on the App StoreFiles Lite is an app that gives you the ability to sync docs directly to your iPhone. Along with the free download, you must create a connection between your iPhone and your computer for syncing files.

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FileSync Your Docs With iPhone App

Buy FileSync - Sync, View, and Play Files Anytime, Anywhere! on the App StoreFileSync offers a solution to the dilemma of not being able to view your docs when you are away from your computer. You have to set up an FTP connection in order to send files back and forth to your iPhone - a bit of technical knowledge you should make sure you can master before you decide to part with your $4.99.

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Briefcase Lite Has Too Many Holes

Briefcase Lite seeks to turn your iPhone into a briefcase for your docs (not that anyone keeps large files in briefcases all that much anymore, but that is for another day). But you will need to wait for an update or the full version if you want to give this app a try. 

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Memory App reQall Aims to Joggle Your Memory

There is no lack of memory-based services out there for the iPhone. Developers have jumped on the opportunity to use the iPhone as a tool to keep you up to date on your appointments and grocery shopping lists. One app that does this very well is reQall.

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It's Smooth Sailing With Wings

Buy Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience on the App StoreIf you are looking to kick back and take a casual flight with your iPhone (and who isn't?) then Wings - Filght Experience is your app. You can glide or float through different weather patterns and maneuver your iPlane through the air.

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Pool Sharks Will Enjoy Midnight Pool

Buy Midnight Pool on the App StoreMidnight Pool is a solid game that both pool players and game enthusiasts will enjoy. It contains excellent graphics and makes solid use of the iPhone's touch screen for a great gaming experience. Since it's a pool hall, the characters include the obligatory scantily-clad woman and a sheriff deputy who apparently lives in a town where you can hustle at pool on duty.

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Fighter Pilot a Confused Flight

Buy FIGHTER PILOT on the App StoreThe iPhone's accelerometer is perfectly suited for games where you hold it horizontally and "steer" it back and forth to control a vehicle. It has worked well in Crash Bandicoot and other popular games. Unfortunately, not so in Fighter Pilot - Dogfight Battle - Jet Aircraft, (yes, that is what they list it as in the App Store. We'll call it Fighter Pilot for short) a new game from the unfortunately-named

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BeamMe, Fliq, or give Handshakes to Friends

One of the shortcomings of the iPhone's contacts management is the inability to quickly send someone contact information. It is a feature found in some other smartphone operating systems and a real need if you are a business user.


Tap 'n' Slide Your Way to Finger-Happy Fun

Buy Tap 'n' Slide! on the App StoreTap 'n' Slide - If you long for a game that challenges your reflexes, such as Simon Says or the popular iPhone app Tap Tap Revenge, a fun but simplistic challenge awaits you in Tap 'n' Slide. The game takes advantage of the iPhone's touch screen by quickly throwing up a series of taps and finger motions for you to follow.

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iSpreadsheet: An iPhone Excel app for number crunchers

Buy iSpreadsheet on the App StoreEditing documents has been one of the major holes in the iPhone experience. While the e-mail and other apps give a solid performance in letting one view and send files, the ability to manipulate them has been lacking.

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beamME Sends Contact Info to Anyone, not Just iPhone Users

The beamMe app is a fast, easy way to share your contact information with a friend or colleague. It is an offering from rmbrME, which promotes the app as a way to boost your sales and connections through the quick ability to share your contact.

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Fliq is a Great Concept, but Not Seamless Just Yet

Buy Fliq on the App StoreSharing photos and contacts is smooth with Fliq The strength of Fliq lies in its relative ease-of-use for transferring contacts and photos. Plus it is free, unlike the paid version of Handshake.

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Handshake Shares Contact Info — With Other Handshake Users

In business the handshake often comes with a business card. The makers of the Handshake app hope to put the entire process on your iPhone. The app — there is a free and paid version — gives you the ability to send contact information (yours or someone from your contact list) or photos.

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