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Rule the Market with Insider Trades

Buy Insider Trades on the App StoreInsider Trades seeks to be a go-to source for keeping tabs on your stock portfolio. With detailed company information and an easy-to-navigate interface it is a good addition for the financially savvy or those just getting started with watching the market.

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Gather Some Friends and get Knowsy

Buy Knowsy on the App StoreKnowsy - Plenty of board games have made the leap to the iPad. Scrabble, Monopoly and other long-time favorites have converted their popular gameplay to the iPad's multi-touch screen. Along comes Knowsy.

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RecipePad Lets iPad Users Rule the Kitchen, and Organize Recipes

Buy RecipePad on the App StoreRecipePad - The iPad continues to become a chef's companion with an increasing number of apps dedicated to the culinary arts. Among the latest is RecipePad, which is usable for creating and saving recipes.

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neu.Draw: Finger-friendly Vector Drawing Awaits

Buy neu.Draw on the App StoreThose who want a more complex drawing experience should give neu.Draw a try. This is not just another app for doodling or making casual pictures. From the same developers that brought us neu.Notes, this iPad app is designed for those who want to create vector drawings with a high level of precision.

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Use iLIVEx for Remote Access to X Applications With iPad

Buy iLIVEx on the App StoreThe iLIVEx app for iPad and connected suite of solutions is a good, low-cost way to network a small business or organization. StarNet Communications has come up with a straightforward method for those who want to use an iPad to stay connected to a remote desktop.

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Improve Photography Skills with Photo Caddy HD

Buy PhotoCaddy HD on the App StoreBudding photographers who are looking for some readily accessible tips would do well to download Photo Caddy HD for iPad. It functions like a social strategy guide, with a collection of advice and strategies for improving photography in multiple locations. 

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Brick-Breaking Competition Awaits with Splash Duel HD

Buy Splash Duel HD on the App StoreSplash Duel HD is like a hybrid of Breakout and air hockey. In many ways it combines the best of both games and creates a very addicting experience. Just like Breakout you must bounce balls off of bricks with a paddle.

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Browse Trending News with SkyGrid

Buy SkyGrid on the App StoreSkyGrid joins a growing field of news aggregators that compile articles from across the web. SkyGrid seeks to separate itself from the pack by compiling news into relevant topics. For example, the “What’s Hot” section lists trending news and articles from multiple sources.

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Conquer Evil with Pocket Legends

Buy Pocket Legends on the App StorePocket Legends is an immersive RPG that will delight fans of this genre. Just like any quality RPG, Pocket Legends (available both as an iPad and iPhone app) begins with a choice of character based on the a variety of attributes.

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Rule the Gridiron with NFL 2011

NFL 2011 is a solid football game that should satisfy most fans and sports gamers. It lacks some of the polish and extra features found in Madden 11 but does enough to make it a worthy competitor. NFL 2011 has three gameplay modes: exhibition, season and playoffs.

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Find Happiness with Fastlane HD

Buy Fastlane HD on the App StoreFastlane HD is like a scaled down version of The Sims. While it has some good moments overall it lacks the excitement or innovation found in similar lifestyle games. In Fastlane HD you travel through your town to try and build happiness for your life (as if doing this for real isn't hard enough).

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Rule the Lot with Park Rush HD

Park Rush HD will have you frantically racing through a parking lot to park and retrieve cars for customers with a short fuse. The game launches with you choosing either Johnny or Lilian to manage the parking lot.

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Control Your PC with Jumi Mouse

Buy JumiDesktop+ on the App StoreJumiMouse Plus enables near total control of your PC. For Windows machines a user can control the mouse, enter text, or take over other programs. JumiMouse works well at working as a touch-mouse remote for a computer, which is an ideal way to control things such as media playback or simple scrolling.

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Need an iPhone Translator? Travel Interpreter is Excellent

Buy Travel Interpreter - Multilingual Phrasebook on the App StoreTravel Interpreter adds to the arsenal of essential apps for international travelers. The iPhone translator offers easy access to many of the key phrases one may need when faced with a language barrier.

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GetGlue is Social Networking for Media Addicts

Buy tvtag – formerly GetGlue on the App StoreWhen I first came across GetGlue I thought, "Just what I need, another social network." The last thing I wanted to do was open another social networking app from my iPhone and check in, "like" things and earn rewards.

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