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Toast Shooter HD Pops up with Fun

Buy Toast Shooter HD on the App StoreToast Shooter HD turns your iPad into a shooting gallery with the object of taking down the most formidable of enemies: toast. It is a great game that is especially enjoyable on the iPad's larger screen.

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Test Sushi Skills at Suzie's Sushi House

Buy Suzie's Sushi House on the App StoreIf you always fancied yourself a sushi chef then here is the chance for culinary glory with Suzie's Sushi House. The premise is to satisfy needy sushi customers by quickly serving up their rolls.

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Cartoon Roach Has Smashing Fun

Buy Cartoon Roach on the App StoreIf you ran to the whack-a-mole booth when visiting a favorite arcade or just love to squash insects then Cartoon Roach may be just the game you need. It is one of those games with a fun, simple concept that makes for a great time killer; the object is to go nuts smashing roaches as they scurry across the screen.

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Sudoku Uno Brings Brain Twister to iPad

Buy Sudoku Uno: Stylish Sudoku for iPad on the App StoreSudoku Uno is a good reimagining of the popular puzzle game for the iPad. Sudoku is played by placing the numbers one through nine only one time each in rows and columns. Traditionally it is played in newspapers or consumable Sudoku books.

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HelloTXT Seeks to Streamline Social Media Posting

hellotxt-ipadHelloTXT is designed to update your myriad of social networks from within one application. It is a great concept, but a bit buggy in its current form.

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GameRoom Almost Ready for Play Time

Buy GameRoom on the App StoreGameRoom is a great way to play checkers on the iPad. The game is very responsive and has some nice customization features.  Unfortunately, GameRoom teases you with what could be but feels like it falls a big short.

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Need a Personal Trainer? Use inShape App to Get In Shape

Buy inShape PT on the App StoreinShape Personal Trainer wants to be your workout buddy. There is a wealth of exercise data to help anyone get fit. There are two different ways to use inShape PT. You can create a full-blown exercise plan complete with fitness goals or pick and choose individual exercises.

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Online Artillery Slightly Off Mark

Buy Online Artillery – Medieval Multiplayer Fortress Siege on the App StoreOnline Artillery (subtitled Medieval Multi-player Fortress Siege) takes an aggressive approach to iPhone online gaming by only pitting the player against online opponents. The online battles are generally fun and challenging, however, Online Artillery needs a bit more polish before it can be truly recommended.

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Kart Toons Racing a Wreck

Buy Kart Toons Racing on the App StoreKart Toons Racing is is akin to Crash Bandikoot Nitro Kart or Mario Kart, but unfortunately suffers from bad controls, poor graphics and overall mediocre gameplay. To play you choose one of four cartoon characters; Bomber Cat, Lola, Igor, or Spike to participate in a series of races.

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All-In Pedometer a Great Fitness Aide

All-In Pedometer is a fairly comprehensive exercise app that is a great companion for keeping track of workout statistics. The pedometer functions really well and gives a pretty accurate readout when it is placed in a pocket.

Derek Walter rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

ScanBizCards Streamlines Contacts

Buy ScanBizCards Business Card Reader on the App StoreScanBizCards attempts to give you a handy way to take business card information and instantly add it to the iPhone's address book. By and large it works as advertised, though the conversion to text is not fully seamless and will require some editing in most cases.

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Pre-order Day for iPhone 4: What You Need to Know

If the iPhone 4 unveiling at WWDC had you clamoring for the latest model, then today is a happy one indeed. The black model iPhone 4 can be pre-ordered beginning today directly through Apple and AT&T (the white model is listed as unavailable for pre-order).


Finger Race with Touch Racing Nitro

Buy Touch Racing on the App StoreTouch Racing Nitro is a great racing game, though it takes some getting used to thanks to the unique controls. Instead of the virtual directional pad popular in most iPhone games you lead a race car on a virtual leash controlled by your finger.

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Race to Make Words with WordMonger HD

wordmonger-iphoneWordMonger HD is another in the line of word games that that are quite popular on iDevices. Words with Friends and Scrabble are among those that dominate this category. While WordMonger does not have the social features of those other games it is a good challenge for those who want another app to tackle in this genre.

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Mr. Giggle Offers Tetris-Like Play for Puzzle Lovers on iPhone and iPad

Buy Mr Giggle 2 on the App StoreMr. Giggle (editor's note: now replaced by Mr. Giggle 2) is a very fun and addictive game that plays well on the iPhone but is even better with the extra screen real estate on the iPad. Unlike its predecessor, Mr.

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