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Mobile Active Defense is a Watchdog for Your Inbox

Mobile Active Defense wants to bolster your email security—if you're willing to watch endless tutorial videos. The purpose behind MAD is to help catch and filter malware, phishing scams and other unsavory attacks on your inbox, only letting "pure mail" (their term) through.

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Avatar Delivers Another Solid Performance

Buy James Cameron's Avatar on the App StoreEven if you were not a fan of the movie, James Cameron's Avatar is an outstanding game that takes advantage of the strengths of the iPhone/iPod touch platform or the iPad platform in a separate app.

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HippoRemote Turns iPhone into Multitouch Mouse

Buy HippoRemote Pro ~ Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Remote Control & Gamepad on the App StoreWith HippoRemote Pro, your iPhone controls your computer like a wireless mouse and keyboard. There are other remote control apps, but this is the best.

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Keep Tabs on Tasks with TapDo

Buy TapDo - Task Organizer on the App StoreTapDo goes beyond the traditional to-do checklist to bring more robust features for task management. TapDo will appeal to those who like to organize their tasks into a system of files and aggregate them by due date.

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FanFeedr Gets Social with Sports Coverage

FanFeedr attempts to give a Twitter-like information stream of sports scores and news articles to make your fan experience more social. FanFeedr ditches the standard formula of just displaying scores and sports news.

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Vopium Offers Limited Phone Experience

Buy Vopium - FREE CALL - Cheap International Calls! on the App StoreVopium is one of a group of apps that uses a Wi-Fi connection to make and receive phone calls and text messages. It is a good concept—the more one can avoid AT&T's spotty network, the better.

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Take Control of Address Book with ContactsPlus XL

Buy ContactsXL + Facebook Sync on the App StoreContactsPlus XL dresses up the iPhone's contacts list to make it more appealing with additional features. Although many iPhone users can probably get along fine with the plain vanilla services of the iPhone's built-in contacts app, the additional features in ContactsPlus XL are nice and give more flexibility for streamlining one's address book.

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Decoding the iPad - We Answer Your Questions about iPad Technology

Apple set up some pretty high expectations with its promise of a "revolutionary and magical" device. Based on our experience and most reviews the iPad meets many of its lofty expectations. iPad is the first mobile device that comes close to being a laptop replacement.


WiFi or 3G iPad? Answers to Your Questions about iPad and the Internet

With iPad 3G scheduled for release April 30 prospective buyers will need to decide if they want to hold out for the 3G version or decide if a Wi-Fi-only iPad is their preferred option. Today's iPad FAQ addresses the main issues in making that decision.


FAQ: Answers to the Top Questions about What iPad Can and Cannot Do

The iPad is spectacular at many things. If your experience is like mine you will find that it is great for surfing the web, reading eBooks, watching movies and TV shows, playing games, and light document creation.

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Math Pro an Excellent Tutor

Buy Math Pro on the App StoreIf you want an excellent math formula and calculator tool, download Math Pro. It is a very useful combination of math formulas and calculators that will help anyone tackling about fifth-grade level math and above.

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Belly Bums: Casual Gaming that's Comical but not Compelling

Belly Bums - When you think of beach volleyball, typically the image that comes to mind is athletic, toned players diving for the ball in the sand. Prepare for that image to be demolished with Belly Bums.

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Monster RPG 2: Good Game, but not Quite Ready for Battle

Buy Monster RPG 2 on the App StoreMonster RPG 2 seeks to bring retro, role-playing style to your iPhone. The atmosphere for the game is great and really captures the spirit of older video games. But too many interface issues keep this from being a true hit.

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Secure Passwords with Moxier Wallet

Update: Moxier Wallet officially shut down June 2013. To be on the web today means to acquire dozens of usernames and passwords for accessing data. And many people get lazy and use the same password for every site, which can put some of your content at risk.

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Bella Boo is one Tough Zombie Fairy

Buy Bella Boo on the App StoreBella Boo won't be winning any beauty contests. But she will keep you entertained with a pretty fun and addicting game. As Bella Boo the zombie fairy, you must battle a series of floating creatures, demons, and other evil forces who have invaded your cozy homeland of Dark Wood.

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