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Manage Voice Memos with Smart Recorder

Buy Smart Recorder - The Voice Recorder on the App StoreIf the native Voice Memos app doesn't have enough features to satisfy your recording needs, then Smart Recorder may be a good option. There is greater depth, editing options, and a pretty cool method for transferring your recordings to a computer via a Wi-Fi network.

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Awaken to More Alarm Clock Choices

Buy Awaken on the App StoreIf you miss  your old LCD alarm clock then Awaken can cure the nostalgia. Awaken packs a full set of features into your iPhone/iPod touch that may force you to ditch the standard clock app.

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Catchif Works for the Location Aware

Buy Catchif on the App StoreCatchif joins the crowded field of apps competing to share your location and keep tabs on others. While Catchif works well, it may not be compelling enough to move you off of Loopt, Google Latitude, or any of the other more popular services that have developed a strong following.

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dizm SKATE has the Attitude, but is a Rough Ride

Buy dizm SKATE on the App Storedizm SKATE - Most skateboarding aficionados regard Touchgrind as the pinnacle of apps in this category. It has an innovative interface and captures the rough and uneven nature of pulling off tricks on a skateboard.

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Jet Through Sky and Blast Aliens in Defendroid

The iPhone's accelerometer has made possible  many great aviation and racing games. It works again in Defendroid, a fun jet vs. aliens aerial combat game that has some fun, albeit simple, gameplay.

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Night Recorder Useful as Sleep Aide, Spy Tool

Buy Night Recorder on the App StoreThere are plenty of apps that make voice recordings. But Night Recorder is a unique tool in its ability to record noises in the room not only while it is running but even if your iPhone/iPod touch is on standby.

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TwentyFour! a Great Workout for Your Brain

Buy Combine 4! on the App StoreSome mind benching challenges await with TwentyFour! - a recent App Store release based on a mathematical card game. The object is to add, subtract, multiply, or divide a group of four numbers with each other in order to reach 24.

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Emoticons Galore with IMBooster

imboosterIMBooster is no longer available in the App Store. Look for more emoticon apps or emoji apps. If you love to load up your e-mails with those goofy little icons known as emoticons, then IMBooster will be right up your alley.

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Control the Tower with ATC Pro

Buy ATC Pro on the App StoreIf being in charge at an air traffic control tower is anything like the game ATC Pro, I'm not interested. ATC Pro can be enjoyable to play, but it has a pretty steep learning curve. (If you want to check out a demo in action, watch the video after the jump.) The objective is to successfully land and manage takeoffs without it ending in disaster.

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iGift4U Offers Quotes, Gifts, and More for Social Media

Buy iSocialTrial for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr on the App StoreSocial media app iGift4U is a repository of quotations, photos, emoticons, and product shots that can enliven your Facebook or Twitter feed. The content is pretty extensive and should satisfy your desire for extra goodies to throw at your followers and friends.

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Conquer Your RSS Feeds with my6sense

News stream and social media app my6sense wants to make the deluge of information available on the web a bit more manageable for you — by reading your mind. Yes, this is another app that studies your tendencies, but my6sense is actually a pretty good tool at sorting through your RSS feeds and pulling up content that aligns with your interests.

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Appitudez Financial Calculator is a Killer Tool

Buy appitudez Financial Calculators on the App StoreAppitudez Financial Calculators is an excellent collection of consumer and business tools that should serve the needs of those shopping for a loan, car, or investment. Businesspeople who need to break down financial numbers while away from the computer are also likely to find it incredibly useful.

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The Inferno Challenges Mind and Soul

Buy The Inferno on the App StoreThe Inferno is an excellent puzzle game that may force you to touch up on your medieval history.  While the plot is closer to that of an action/adventure game, it plays more like a typical puzzle game with darker undertones.

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MAKIBISHI COMIC has fun, but bizarre, gameplay

MAKIBISHI COMIC - If you ever had the desire to reach out with your finger and poke robot ninja comic book characters into action, then your favorite app ever has just arrived. MAKIBISHI COMIC has the loud and flashy illustrations of an Anime flick complete with awkward dialogue that reads like it was poorly translated into English.

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Master SF transit schedule with iBART Live

Buy Embark iBART - San Francisco BART on the App StoreRiding the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains are an essential part of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you live there or plan to visit, iBART Live can help you get around a bit easier. 

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