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Manage Golf Game with Procreative Golf

Buy ProCreative Golf 10 on the App StoreProcreative Golf 09 lets you keep track of your round and can also use the iPhone's GPS capabilities to be your personal iCaddy. If your battery can survive, and if you find the right course, it can make for an excellent combination.

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Sooshi - Social Sushi Still Too Raw

Buy Sooshi - Social Sushi on the App StoreA number of apps are trying to get in on the social networking experience made popular by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Sooshi - Social Sushi tries to supplement your other online identities by creating a real-time network with users you can interact with in real-time through your iPhone.

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Family Guy is 'Freakin' Sweet'

Buy Family Guy on the App StoreFamily Guy will delight fans of the snarky television series with a steady flow of clips from the show and a few games. It will serve as a nice highlight reel for those who want a quick fix of  Stewie's antics.

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Beejive IM 3.0 Shows Promise

Buy BeejiveIM with Push on the App StoreBeejive IM 3.0 With Push has the potential to expand the iPhone's instant messaging capabilities. Despite a few bugs, it has some great features that IM power users should consider. Beejive contains all major instant messaging applications: AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, etc.

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Create and Sync Notes with Evernote

Buy Evernote on the App StoreThe notebook-on-steroids service Evernote has been steadily growing stronger since its App Store debut. Version 3.0 is the best yet with some extra features that improve its usefulness and stability.

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Cops and Robbers

Buy Cops & Robbers on the App StoreCops and Robbers will have you jumping and speeding your way through alleys and corridors in a mad rush to avoid the cops. There is a lot of fun to be had as you try and leap your way to safety and collect cash.

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TapNext Puts Presentations in your Hand

Buy TapNext on the App StoreTapNext joins the crowd of presentation apps by giving you a remote control for PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote or Impress. TapNext is nothing to shout about in terms of design, but this iPhone app gets the job done.

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Bento Organizes Your Life From Desktop to iPhone

Buy Bento on the App StoreBento is one of the most popular personal organizers for the Mac. Now a new iPhone version is available that syncs with the  popular desktop organizer-on-steroids so you can take all your essential information with you.

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Send Voice Tweets with TweetMic

Buy Micbytes on the App StoreTweetMic - If the same old method of typing your tweets through your favorite desktop or iPhone app is becoming mundane, then TweetMic may be the way to liven things up. TweetMic lets you record a voice message for all of your Twitter followers to hear.

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Discover and Share Song Titles with Nabbit

We've all been there. A great song comes on the radio, but the DJ won't tell you anything about it. Nabbit tries to solve this by giving the artist and song on nearly 2,500 radio stations. While not as sleek as grabbing music over-the-air as the super popular Shazam, it offers some nice features to find out what is popular and currently playing on the radio.

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Need a Buddy? Give 'Buddy' a Try

If broadcasting your daily activities through Twitter and Facebook are not enough social networking for you, then Buddy comes to the rescue. The purpose of Buddy is to connect people based on shared interests.

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Follow Elected Officials with politicoTracker

Political news junkies will enjoy politicoTracker for its ability to quickly aggregate news on their favorite (or least favorite) elected officials. PoliticoTracker includes an impressive list of every elected state and federal representative.

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Golf Fans Will Love U.S. Open App

Buy 2014 U.S. Open Golf Championship on the App StoreMore annual sporting events are getting in on the iPhone app parade, and golf is no exception. U.S. Open Golf Championship tracks this weekend's golf happenings from Bethpage Black by providing live video, leaderboard updates, and player profiles.

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iPhone OS 3.0 Full Review

The newest update to the iPhone operating system brings features that users have longed for as well as some extra goodies that keep the iPhone the most compelling mobile device on the market. The good news is that almost all the updates are available to those who are not springing for the iPhone 3G S, which becomes available June 19.


Documents To Go Brings Doc Editing to iPhone

Buy Documents To Go® Free - View & edit Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on the App StoreIt has been a long wait for Dataviz's Documents To Go to arrive in the App Store. Documents To Go has been the standard on mobile platforms such as the BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile for years. Users of the iPhone have griped since the phone's debut about the lack of a comprehensive document editing app; especially since this technology has existed for nearly a decade (Office Mobile first debuted on the Pocket PC in 2000).

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