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iPhone OS 3.0 First Impressions

Scanning Twitter and the blogosphere at two in the morning for any hints on when Apple would finally drop the 3.0 firmware update is always a preferable activity to say...sleeping. Some time around 3:00 am, The Unofficial Apple Weblog and other sites began to report that it should arrive at 10 am PDT. If you have yet to opt for the update, here is one account of what you may be in for.


Track and Organize Finances with moneyStrands

Buy moneyStrands on the App StoreLike its competitors, moneyStrands organizes all of your various banking and investment accounts into one web application. The moneyStrands iPhone app is an extension of the web interface, with a user-friendly design so you can keep tabs of your account while on the go.

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Spreadsheet A Major Improvement Over Original

Buy Spreadsheet on the App StoreSpreadsheet was one of the original apps of its kind to make it to the iPhone. A recent update brings an app that is much improved from the original version offering several extra features that make it worth considering if you want to be able to create and edit spreadsheets on-the-go.

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Minesweeper Classic Just Like the Original

Buy Minesweeper Classic on the App StoreMinesweeper Classic - For those of us who toiled away for hours in a cubicle at our Windows NT workstations, Minesweeper was one of the few solaces  in the drudgery of office life. Minesweeper still lives on in the current release of Windows 7.

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TwitterFon Pro a Worthy Upgrade

Buy Echofon Pro for Twitter on the App StoreWith TwitterFon Pro, developer Kazuho Okui takes an already excellent Twitter client and makes it even better. This release is a stepped up version of the original TwitterFon, which is still free but now sports ads.

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TwitterFon Revolt Causes Developer to Pull Ads

Buy Echofon Pro for Twitter on the App StoreAn angry response by users of TwitterFon forced the developer to temporarily abandon ads that debuted in an update this weekend. Developer Kazuho Okui announced on his web site Saturday that he was suspending the ads until TwitterFon Pro was released in the App Store.


Galaga Remix Brings New & Retro Gaming Fun

Buy Galaga REMIX on the App StoreGalaga Remix from Namco brings the arcade classic to the iPhone along with a polished, touch-screen friendly newer version that is just as much fun. All the key elements of Galaga are there — blasting away at enemies while saving your spaceship from destruction.

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iBox Your Way to Fighting Glory

If taking on your shadow is getting old, then iBox from Tractus Design may be the perfect remedy. iBox is designed to give you a faux boxing workout — complete with sound effects. As for damaging your phone by punching too hard and launching it into the wall..

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iProtect - Serious Investors Only Need Apply

Buy iProtect on the App StoreNew app iProtect is for the serious investor. It serves as a risk calculator for making investment decisions by taking a variety of factors into consideration. While iProtect makes use of some sophisticated calculations to return an investment strategy, the current feature set does not match up with the level of service that it promises.

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Save the World, Lose Sleep with Doomsday Terminal

If sleep or having a social life is not really your thing, then Doomsday Terminal may be the game for you. The premise is that you must prevent the impending end of the world through typing a code into the Doomsday Terminal. 

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Lounge a Solid iPhone Twitter Option

Lounge is the latest in the stream of Twitter apps designed to keep you up to date with the Twitterverse on your iPhone. Goose Apps bring some nifty features that make it worth a try — even though it is not as polished as some of the more established apps, like Twittelator Pro or Twitterfon.

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The Wall Street Journal News Reader a Top News App

WSJ - The Wall Street Journal mobile reader, the new iPhone app from the venerable financial news source, is another solid news reader for the iPhone/iPod touch. It is fluid and makes reading, watching, and listening to content from The Wall Street Journal content easy.

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New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 a Delight for your Brain

Buy The New York Times Crossword on the App StoreDoing the daily crossword puzzle is a ritual for many. New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009 brings it to your iPhone so you don't have to wait for the daily paper to arrive. If you are a crossword fan, this is probably something you will want and enjoy on your iPhone/iPod touch.

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DirecTV App a Dream for DVR Lovers

Buy DIRECTV on the App StoreSometimes you are not always in front of your television when you think of a show that you want to record on your DVR. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, the new DirecTV iPhone app gives you the freedom to program shows or series right from your iPhone/iPod touch.

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NBA Game Time Ready for Playoffs

As the NBA playoffs begin a new iPhone app makes it easier to get quick updates on the scores and standings. NBA Game Time, first released near the end of the regular season, was recently tweaked with an update to focus on the playoffs.

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