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Satchel The Backpack Client is a Full-Featured Organizational Tool

Buy Satchel, the Backpack Client on the App StoreSatchel The Backpack Client by Stand Alone, Inc is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to organize a business, club, family, or other type of group where everyone needs to be kept up to date about projects and tasks.

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Hit the Course with Let's Golf

Buy Let's Golf! ® 3 on the App StoreThe designers at Gameloft have put together another outstanding iPhone/iPod Touch game with Let's Golf! The game offers a great experience that should satisfy golf fans yet also appeal to a broad audience with its arcade-like features.

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Foosball 3D a Kick in the Wrong Direction

Foosball 3D attempts to bring the popular table game to the iPhone. Unfortunately the lack of control options makes the game dissolve into a contest of swiping your finger in a maddening flurry.

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Skype Brings Its Free Calls, IM, to iPhone

Buy Skype for iPhone on the App StoreThere was a big splash when Skype was announced for the iPhone. It seemed like the perfect combination. The device that revolutionized smart phones paired up with the service that has changed how some make calls and instant message. But does it work?

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Save Cows from Alien Abduction with Udder Chaos

Buy Udder Chaos on the App StorePrepare to save your cows from alien abduction in the zany, but flawed, game Udder Chaos by Vincent Nguyen. Udder Chaos is a fun and simple app that is good for killing a few minutes of your time.

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Metal Gear Solid Touch Worthy of Hype

Buy METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH (US) on the App StoreMetal Gear Solid Touch is the latest in a series of games from high-profile developers to hit the App Store. It stays faithful to the franchise storyline while creating a gaming experience that feels at-home on the iPhone/iPod Touch screen.

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Whrrl Wants to Know Your Story

Facebook and Twitter are built on the idea of short quips about your thoughts and activities. Twitter asks, "What are you doing?" Facebook wants to know, "What's on your mind?" Instead Whrrl asks, "What's your story?" This upstart social network seeks to add some depth (if that term can really be applied to social networking) to your online life.

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StockAdvisor Brings Serious Stock Analysis

StockAdvisor by Tradeoffnews is an app for those who want control over their stock trading. At $19.99, it is not for the faint of heart. But it has some pretty powerful tools that make it worth considering if you plan some serious stock trading.

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MeeHive Customizes News Cravings

There is an incredible amount of news and information that can be accessed from your iPhone. With RSS readers and mobile sites galore it can be a bit overwhelming at times. MeeHive seeks to be a way that sorts through the clutter to deliver the content you are most interested in. It is a product of Kosmix, which is getting a lot of buzz for its effort to give users more customized search results on the Internet.

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Watch 'March Madness' on your iPhone

ometimes it is just not possible to secure sofa time for every NCAA Tournament game. Fortunately those with an iPhone/iPod Touch and a solid Wi-Fi connection can still catch the action. The CBS Sports March Madness On Demand app puts every game live on your iPhone — provided you are connected to a wireless network. The live television quality will depend on the strength of your wireless signal.

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Mental Maths Gives Your Brain a Solid Workout

Buy Mental Maths on the App StoreForget about buying those $1.99 flash cards from Wal-Mart if you or your child are in need of some mutliplication facts work. Mental Maths by Trilliarden has a fun and exciting system for exercising your brain and improving mental math ability.

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AIM Frees Your Instant Messaging

Buy AIM: Free SMS, Chat, Group Chat, Voice Messages on the App StoreAIM - Instant messaging has never been one of the iPhone's strengths. Apple's limitations on allowing apps to run in the background means that you can't receive an IM notification while you are working within another program.

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Wundrbar Seeks to Unify Web Apps

Wundrbar seeks to simplify your web browsing experience by offering some of the top web sites and information all inside one app. It has promise as a way to deliver more iPhone-friendly content gathered across the web for easy access. With more customization features, Wundrbar could be an app to contend with and simplify the vast amount of information available on the iPhone.

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What Would Jesus Say?

New app What Would Jesus Say? from Vertigo Games is just plain silly. The user is presented with a cartoon Jesus, who for some reason lacks pupils and appears to be wearing a bath robe. In this version Jesus has been reduced to a speaking toy that talks on command.

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Kindle for iPhone a Reader's Delight

Buy Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks on the App StoreAmazon's Kindle has revolutionized how many people approach reading. The iPhone has done the same for mobile phones. Combine the two and you have your favorite mobile apps and books all in one device. The strength of the Kindle for iPhone is the access it provides to Amazon's vast online store of ebooks.

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