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Antivirus Has Rough Edges, but Potential

Buy Antivirus on the App StoreAntivirus - Computer viruses are the nightmare of any computer user. Clearly worse than aliens or enemy combatants. So why are there so many games where you battle the latter instead of the real enemy you face on a daily basis?

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Sway's Finger Controls Make For Swinging Good Time

Buy Sway on the App StoreIllusion Labs, the same group behind the excellent Labyrinth and the debatable Touchgrind, is at it again. Their newest game to hit the App Store is Sway, which succeeds in creating a gaming experience that is uniquely tailored to the iPhone/iPod touch.

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First Contact: Missile Defense iPhone Style

First Contact is like a three-dimensional version of Missile Command. It requires blasting enemy invaders that are seeking to destroy your colonies. A quick game of swiping and tapping to destroy the aliens awaits. It provides a good experience and great game play for anyone looking for another game to add to their iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Statuso Streamlines Your Social Networking Updates

Ever struggle with trying to update all of your social networks at the same time? Statuso offers a solution. This new app provides one screen for updating your status on Twitter, Facebook, Yammer and Friendfeed. And the developers promise that this is just the start. More social networks are on the way, including the possibliity of more functionality within the different networks.

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Beast Brings Retro Monster Crushing to iPhone

Beast for iPhoneBeast, a remake of a 1984 DOS game, seeks to capture some of the retro game love flowing from the App Store. Games like Candy Wars have shown that it isn’t just the console ports that are grabbing all the attention. Unfortunately, Beast is a bit too buggy to live up to the hype. A few freeze-ups while playing the game keep it from living up to the promised potential.

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SkyCoaster 3D Not Quite a Joyride

skycoaster-previewPerhaps you are a huge roller coaster fan and can't wait for that next trip on Space Mountain. Or maybe you are so afraid of heights that ladders make your palms sweat. Either way, SkyCoaster 3D might be what you need. It offers a virtual roller coaster ride through a variety of backgrounds that you get to choose.

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Blast Evil Creatures with Addicting iDracula-Undead Awakening

Buy iDracula - Undead Awakening on the App StoreNew game iDracula - Undead Awakening is an addicting foray into the world of action gaming for the iPhone/iPod touch. You will likely lose hours to blasting werewolves and Dracula himself with a combination of weapons that will barely keep you from falling to your predators.

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Hellfire: Cold War Helicopter Gunship is Action on Your iPhone

Buy Hellfire - Exciting Helicopter Combat on the App StoreHellfire brings back the days of the Cold War as you guide a helicopter gunship through enemy territory on a clandestine mission. Hellfire begins with your choice of either an American or Soviet helicopter to take into battle.

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Prank Box: Hearing Test is Low Brow Fun for the Punk'd Crowd

Buy Hearing Test : Prank Box on the App StoreIf you think that you are the next Ashton Kutcher and want to punk all your friends, then Prank Box: Hearing Test is perfect for you. Designed for the truly immature, the app starts out with a seemingly innocent hearing test but then ends with a bang that should startle anyone who tries it out.

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SimplyTweet Shows Promise as Twitter App

Sometimes the large number of Twitter messages arriving on your iPhone can be a bit overwhelming. SimplyTweet attempts to fix that by arranging your "tweets" into a conversation-like view. It makes for a fresh, readable interface that makes scrolling through messages a breeze. However, a lack of other features keep this from being among the top tier of the other offerings available in the Apple App Store.

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Give Your Brain a Workout with iTrio Puzzle Matching

From time to time the App Store churns out a game that relies more on brainpower and less on quick and mindless tapping and swiping. One of those games is iTrio. A spinoff of the various versions of Trio card games, iTrio requires you to find a matching group of three cards hidden amongst a set of 18.  

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i Sniper: First Person Shooter Misses The Mark

While I Sniper can be fun at times it is way too rough and unpolished to be recommended. The controls are a bit awkward, the graphics are not great, and the storyline narrative needs a grammar check. The premise of I Sniper is that you are, of course, a sniper who must take out some terrorist enemies.

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Entertaining Hearing Test Doubles as an Accurate Age Predictor

Buy Hearing Test on the App StoreWant to feel that you are losing your hearing? Then Hearing Test is the right app for you. It plays tones at eight different frequencies that are broken down by which age groups should normally be able to hear them. It starts with 8000 Hz, which supposedly all people can hear. It then goes all the way down to 18-year-olds and below, which are supposed to hear tones at a frequency of 20,000 Hz.

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SpaceX is a Great Start With More Features to Come

SpaceX has the shell of what could be a great game. It excels where some other action games fall short. While in its current form it is not as stron as the excellent Sentry Alpha, it has some great features and promises to get better.

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R.I.P. — This Maze Will Kill Your Time

Buy R.I.P. on the App StoreIt may not be close to Halloween, but R.I.P will put you in the spirit. While this new game is light on depth, it does a nice job at killing a few minutes of time. The premise is pretty simple. You are a ghost trying to make your way back to your happy little home amongst the dead.

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