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GRE Vocabulary Scramble Will Increase Your IQ

It is common knowledge that educational games like GRE Word Scramble increase memory and IQ. But the only variable of worth is how fun the game actually is. Education is great but in order to enjoy learning, the teaching method is going to have to be friggin' exciting.

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Put a Sonic Boom in Your Palm

The Sonic Boom iPhone App really does put the power in your hands. Just one swift swipe of the finger and you’ve struck a match destined for only one thing: the stick of dynamite waiting in the center of your screen. You can tease it by whirling a finger of fire around the entire stick of dynamite but once you touch the fuse of the bomb, you just sit back and watch the show.

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The Sea Battle App Will Blow Your Mind

Sea Battle is a classic first person shooter with only one action button. Not that it's a bad thing. It keeps the simplistic 'shoot or die' stance in mind at all times. The objective of Sea Battle is to watch unsuspecting boats and ships sail by through your submarine's periscope crosshairs - picking out the bad guys from the good and saying good night, literally.

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Surf Report - Surfline and Oakley Team Up

Surf Report has dazzled our editors here at AppCraver and instantly entered the Editor's Picks with a perfect 10 — it's an honor we rarely bestow and we think Surf Report deserves the high score.

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Trace Simple Fun That Keeps Players Going and Going

Trace – What a time-filler! In this funky new iPhone app, you can draw your own paths and erase lines you made by mistake in order to get through moving obstacles and reach the level’s end. 

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Harp is Good for Education, Not For Fun

Harp – The Harp App has just been released! After a long-awaited arrival, this musical iPhone app features a sweep-touch virtual harp with 14 chord structures in any of the 12 keys. This equates to a total of 168 unique chords.

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rRootage is Easy Entertainment for Experienced Gamers

rRootage is truly visually spectacular. It is often hard to keep your eyes where they need to be in order to beat the game because of all the beautiful imagery going on toward the top of the screen. This makes the game twice as enjoyable.

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Cannon Challenge - Be a Kid Again

If you had a cannon, what would you do? So would I. Fortunately, this cannon is tiny, digital and comes as an iPhone application. Cannon Challenge is a hand held battlefield where you can destroy as many targets as you would in real life — all of them.

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