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Meet us at MacWorld

If you are an iPhone app developer, iPhone junkie, journalist, angel investor or vc -- we would love to meet you in person at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. We will be staying at the W Monday and Tuesday nights, and are planning an informal get-together / drinks either of those two nights.


Piper Jaffrey Predicts "different iPhone" in 2009

Gene Munster, one of the leading (if not the leading) Apple analyst released his seminal report on the state of Apple and the iPhone this morning.  We are publishing it in its entirety for AppCraver readers below.


TwitterFon is a Free, Clean Twitter Cient with Search

Buy Echofon for Twitter on the App StoreTwitterFon, by Japanese developer Kazuho Okui is, in the author's own words "a simple and fast Twitter client for your iPhone". Unlike other apps such as Twinkle, it has a plain, simple background, and really tries to stick to the basics - no geo social networking, no ability to "broadcast your location" - just a clean, simple Twitter interface.

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iPhone versus iStone

This bit of humor has been floating around the internet. Not exactly sure who to credit...


App store Month 4: The Beast has Evolved

Its now been just a little over 4 months since the launch of the App Store, and it feels that the platform is starting to reach a new stage of evolution. Here are a few signs of the new world order: 1.


Gift Idea: iPod Cufflinks!

Slightly dated (I would prefer iPhone cufflinks), but for $16 a great stocking stuffer.


Big Oven delivers 250,000 Recipes in Free App

Buy BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List on the App StoreIf you like to cook, you might want to check out the free app from "Big Oven" an interactive Recipe site which boasts over 250,000 recipes. The Big Oven iPhone App, which allows you to create and upload your own recipes as well as tap into the recipe database stands out mainly by the sheer amount of content, and not necessarily the quality.

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Snow Patrol Releases Original "Origami" App

picture-59In conjunction with their latest CD, "A Hundred Million Suns," Snow Patrol ("Chasing Cars", "Run"...) released their new app Snow Patrol Interactive Booklet containing the lyrics to the song in interactive, origami-like packages that you open with your fingers.

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Bow Cam is an App for Photographing Dogs — No Joke.

Buy Bow Cam "Resubmitted" on the App StoreBow Cam is a Japanese App whose sole function is to assist in taking pictures of your dog. As the app notes point out, whenever you try to take a picture of a dog, the hardest part is to attract his attention.

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Apple has more Cash than MSFT, 55% of Net Profits

In Apple's latest quarterly results, the company showed that it had 24.5 billion in cash and short term marketable securities, 10% more than Microsoft's 20.7 Billion stash. Also, Apple reported adjusted net profit of $2.44 Billion, versus $4.37 Billion for Microsoft.


Forget AirSharing. Offers Free Cloud Storage on iPhone

Buy Box for iPhone and iPad on the App StoreOne of the most popular (and discussed) application uses for the iPhone has been document storage. First there was DataCase and Readdle Docs — two paid apps that allowed you to store files on your iPhone using a very cryptic (and often flawed) synchronization method.

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MultiQuiz allows you to Create your Own Quizzes

Buy Multi Quiz on the App StoreMultiQuiz, an app from french iPhone developer Eric Degrage is a trivia app with the unique ability to have users create their own Quizzes. To do so, you first login to the developer website, and then create your quiz by entering each question along with three possible answers.

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Byline - A Google Reader RSS Client for iPhone

Buy Byline on the App StoreOne of the apps that we completely missed on launch was Byline, an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader (see video tour here). We thank Felix Sheng for this insightful review of Byline. You can find Felix's original blog entry here.

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Summizer Realtime Twitter Search from the iPhone

Buy Summizer - Realtime Search for Twitter on the App StoreSummizer Realtime Twitter Search is a simple utility that allows you to search all Twitter feeds for a specific subject — say "Sarah Palin." Summizer works, and is priced at $0.99 —reasonable, if you are a hard core Twitter fanatic and you like to consult the "Twittersphere" for your favorite keywords.

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PanoLab is a Must Have Photo Collage Utility

Unlike the paid Pano and Panorama apps, PanoLab is free, and allows for both vertical and horizontal panorama creations. Unlike Pano, PanoLab does not feature any blending or ghosting as a means of lining up pictures -- instead you take the pictures one at a time and then move them around to create a collage.

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