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WingNuts MotoChaser -- Arguably the Best Game on iPhone

WingNuts from FreeVerse is a 3D, realistic moto-cross simulation. Using the acceleromoter, you race through the desert, woods etc, avoiding obstacles, and trying to reach the finish line before your time expires. 

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Beatmaker is a sophisticated remix tool for the iPhone

In the late 1990's, a product called MixMan allowed you to create your own remixes of popular artists loops on your PC. Now, there is an equally sophisticated product called BeatMaker for your iPhone.

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PocketPedia is a cool little app for saving collections of books

PocketPedia is an app that allows you to search for books (or cds) on Amazon, and then store the results in folders. So, for example, you can create list of "cook books" and then include all your favorite cookbooks.

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Stay in Tune turns your iPhone into a Guitar Tuner

Buy Stay In Tune - Chromatic tuner on the App StoreIf you play the Guitar, you'll want to get one of the many guitar tuning apps currently available. Of these, "Stay in Tune" seems to be one of the more popular, although Tyro Tuner, Omni Tuner, Cleartune and InTuna all do the same thing -- use the internal microphone to tune a standard 6 string guitar.

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Problems with iPhone blamed on Infineon Chip, Software fix rumored

According to Business Week, there is a single cause for all the problems that have plagued the initial launch of iPhone 2.0: the german Infineon Chip Set. "Faulty software on the chip causes problems when the iPhone needs to switch from wireless networks that allow for faster Web downloads to slower ones", the magazine said.

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Earth3D has some pretty cool 3D effects

Earth3D is a free app that simulates the Earth rotating around the Sun, with the Moon rotating around the Earth. It's free, its interactive and it's fun. But, as someone pointed out, it's not 100% accurate.

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Ebay Mobile is a Good App for Auction Addicts

I am not a massive eBay user; but I can recognize a good app version of a website when I see one, and the eBay app fits the bill. Free, slim and efficient; the app allows you to quickly monitor and bid in all your auctions.

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The new "App" from is not really an app at all, but just an iPhone optimized website with an iPhone app wrapper.  You would think that Interactive Corp, the large Barry Diller controled parent of would allocate sufficient resources to produce a decent iPhone version of their (excellent) service.

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Facebook for iPhone - Who Needs The Web Version?

Buy Facebook on the App StoreIf, like me you are a heavy Facebook user, the Facebook app for the iPhone is a must have. Of course, it's completely free. And it's so good, you may never go back to the Facebook website again.

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AppCraver LOVES Fingertip Sports Air Hockey

There are currently two AirHockey games on the App Store. We HIGHLY recommend the two-person game by Sea Lion Games. To play, you hold the iPhone flat and both players control a knob on one side of the phone, pushing the puck around on the virtual air hockey surface.

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Highlights from the Techcrunch / August Capital Mobile Web Wars

Lots of discussion of iPhone at the latest TechCrunch / August Capital Mobile Conference. Some key facts: Pandora was running at about 12,000 new subscribers a month. In the first month on iPhone, 320,000  Pandora apps were downloaded.


Best Buy to Start Selling iPhone3G in Sept

According to MacWorld, Best Buy will start selling the iPhone3G in September in over 970 full size stores.To put this in perspective, Apple currently has only 205 Stores, with each store doing about 2 Million dollars a month in revenue (the highest per square foot of any retail store formula in the world).


Datacase: Use your iPhone as Online Storage

DataCase from VeloSoft was recently covered in TechCrunch as a "highly anticipated" storage app. We tested it, and found that it does work, but has some serious limitations. First, of all, the test.

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The Top Ten Secrets of the iPhone

So, you have got a new shiny iPhone. Well, here's a list of 10 things you might not know about it: 1. Take a screen shot of your iPhone. Ever want to take a screen shot of what's on your iPhone right now?


Daily Count: Another Flawed Calorie Count App

Daily Count from Paze Interactive is one of the worst dieting apps I have seen on iPhone. Unlike other apps, this one doesn't even try to calculate the calories in a specific food -- you have to enter them yourself.

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