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App Economy - Currently $360MM / year going to 1 Billion

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs indicated that 60 Million Apps have been downloaded during the AppStore's first month of operation, for a total of about $30 million in sales, $10 million of which goes directly to Apple.


Talking Pics

Talking Pics is an app from Stone Design BigStonePhone, a one three-man shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico run by Andrew Stone, a 40ish Mac software veteran. You can read a little bit more about Andrew and his chickens, and eco-lifestyle here.

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Twinkle: Currently the best Twitter App

We reported earlier that Twitterific, from Ikon Labs was a solid choice for a Twitter client. (if you don't know what Twitter is, please see the Twitterific post). However, Twinkle from Tapulous easily outdoes it from both a UI and features perspective.

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Exposure: A good free flickr viewer

A lot of us use flickr to store our photos online. Bought by yahoo in 2004, this service is the "gold standard" in online photo management, and is in some ways the poster child of web 2.0. Undoutably, Yahoo will eventually release a native flickr app, but for the time being we have Exposure, a free ad-suported flickr client.

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Surf's Up: tides for iPhone gives you real-time tide info, but its buggy

TidesThe new tides app from mobile geographics has the potential to be a very useful app, if, like me, you live close to the ocean. Using the GPS to get your location, the application sometimes pulls up the tide chart for the tide station nearest you.

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Speech Cloud Voice Dialer Works Suprisingly Well

picture-5Speech Cloud is a free app by Massachusets based Adela Voice that allows you to quickly dial a number simply by speaking into the iPhone microphone, and saying (for example): "Call Clark Landry".

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My To do's is a decent free to-do list

picture-4If you are looking for a free, decent, to-do list (something like remember the milk in an iphone app), look no further than My To Do's from do-apps inc. This is a basic application, which allows you to add tasks, assign priorities and dates to each task, sort the tasks into categories and add notes.

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Wine Log is hardly worth the $2.99

Wine Log by Byte Plan is an app for wine-lovers (such as myself), who want a clean app to keep track of their wine tastings. The problem with the app, though, is it forces you to do everything yourself, so its really just a notepad masquarading as a wine application.

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WordPress for iphone

Buy WordPress on the App StoreI am writing this post on the wordpress app for iPhone. The app is free, and extremely self explanatory. It's very easy to write a new post, edit a post, or even take and attach a picture to a post.

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TruPhone is cheap, but not anywhere near free

TruphoneTruphone at first sounds too good to be true -- VOIP on your iPhone. So, is it like SkypeOut, which is very close to free? Well, not exactly. When you download the app, you are given a free $4 to apply towards any calls, international or domestic.

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Break Touch 3D is a great game, but a little too easy

Break ClassicIf, like me, you are a Blackberry refugee, the first game you look for on iPhone is the equivalent of Blackberry BrickBreaker. Break Touch 3D is that game. At $2.99, you don't need to think too much before buying this wonderful time-waster.

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PacMan and MsPacMan now available for iPhone

pacman-iphone-1Two of the best selling arcade games in history, Pacman and Ms PacMan are now available for purchase on the iPhone. These are not knockoffs of the original games, but completely remastered versions, with the authentic music and play.

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Data Storage app "DataCase" now in Public Beta

Of all the applications for the iPhone, one of the ones that promises to be the most usefull is DataCase from veiosoft. As the video above demonstrates, DataCase will turn your iphone into a storage device for files of all types, including audio, video, pdfs etc..


Absolute Fitness is absolutely not worth the money

If you are one of the 100 million americans trying to lose weight, you might consider "absolute fitness", a calorie counter / activity tracker application for iphone for $14.99. Bad idea.

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Tetris for iPhone is fantastic!

snapshot1202488547There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Tetris ripoffs, including the iPhone-ready website but there is only one official iPhone Tetris application, and that's the one from Electronic Arts.

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