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Twitterific is an excellent Twitter client for iPhone

imagesTwitter is one of those new applications that either you "get" or you don't. Twitterers love the product for its ability to blast updates about your day to day life ("I'm at Starbucks, right now, getting a latte") to your friends, and basically anybody who cares to "track you".

Fred Krueger rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , ,

Pandora is the Killer Music App

pandoraWhen the Pandora music discovery service first appeared in 2004, I was fascinated with the product. Just type in the name (or part of the name) of your favorite band, and Pandora will create a custom "radio station" around that band, including songs from the band itself, as well as songs that "sound like" that artist.

Fred Krueger rated this app 5.0/5 | Category: , ,

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