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How To Write an iPhone App -- a ScreenCast

Thanks to Mike Clark for sharing with the AppCraver community Bull Dudney's screencast course on how to write iPhone apps. The preview is free, as well as the 22 minute intro video here.


Pinch Media, Google Analytics for the iPhone

I caught up with Greg Yardley, CEO of the Union Square Ventures and First Round Capital funded iPhone analytics company today. Greg has the perfect profile for a VC funded CEO: around 30 years old, significant related experience (Greg was at Right Media immediately before starting Pinch Media), and extremely cost conscious ("we pay ourselves under market rates").


Graffitio -- Write on a Virtual Wall Near You!

Every now and then a concept comes along that is so simple and clever that you know it has a high chance of working - and you wish you thought of it yourself. "Graffitio" is an example of such a concept.

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007 Quantum of Solace - The Dedicated Movie App

Earlier today, I stumbled on the new 007 app, a designated app for the Movie "Quantum of Solace". I think this is a trend to watch -- the 007 app (update: now removed from the App Store) is free, and provides a variety of content to go, including video blogs of the director of photography and other contributors to the movie.

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Transpera - an Emerging Player in the iPhone Video Ad Space

I talked today with Brian Monnin, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Transpera. Transpera's web site does not do the clearest job of explaining what the company does, but Brian was kind enough to walk me through the business model, and explain how the company fit into the iPhone and mobile ecosystem.


Avego App To Turn Ordinary Drivers into Cabbies

Buy Carma Carpooling on the App StoreAvego, a subsidiary of Irish Mapping company Mapflow, is set to unleash a very interesting app on the world in 24 days. The app, which integrates into to Avego's server technology, allows a registered passenger to hitch a ride with another nearby Avego user.


Company Profile: Flurry to Compete in iPhone Ads

I spoke today to Peter Farago, VP of Marketing for Flurry, which despite its very plain vanilla website is one of three or four key players aiming to capture the in-app advertising market. Flurry is a 10 person, South of Market SF company that started as a unified mail client for a number of mobile devices (including a wide variety of Java handsets), and is now offering a comprehensive analytics package for iPhone developers.


Steve Wozniak Turns Negative on the iPhone

In an exclusive interview with the UK Telegraph, Steve Wozniak opined that the Apple sell off was justified and that the iPhone App Store was too limiting: "Consumers aren't getting all they want when companies are very proprietary and lock their products down," he says when comparing the iPhone's closed operating system to the new Google phone's open source system which allows anyone to modify and adapt the way the phone works.


AirCam Turns your iPhone into a Home Surveillance System

Buy Air Cam Live Video on the App StoreAirCam from Senstic Systems was released 2 weeks ago and has no reviews yet on the App Store. Yet AirCam, which sells for $7.99 is one of the most startling apps we have ever downloaded. The idea behind AirCam is to connect your iPhone with the built in webcam of your macbook, or any other compatible external webcam so you can view live feed from remote locations.

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Apple hits 10MM iPhones - 80% Over Estimates

According to Fortune Magazine, Apple has reached its stated 2007 Macworld goal of selling 10 million iPhones in 2008. To put things in perspective, Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley expected that Apple would sell only 8.5 million iPhones in 2008, and Scott Craig from Bank of America estimated 8Million.


Conversation With Arlo Gilbert, CEO iCALL

A few days ago, we wrote a preview piece on iCall, a new VOIP app that is set to hit the App Store in "the next few weeks". We caught up with Greenwich Based Arlo Gilbert, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the company.


GPhone Emulator Released

Want to see what android looks and feels like? Now you can. Here's the link to the GPhone Emulator TMobile's HDC phone emulator running Android. First impressions of the GPhone Emulator: much cleaner design than i would have expected.


Full Screen Web Apps -- The Answer to a Restrictive App Store?

A few days ago, Apple Insider noticed that one the new features in the 2.1 iPhone Firmware is the support for full-screen Safari web apps. These are simply normal Safari web applications, but they run without the Safari browser window around them.


iCall Free VOIP coming soon

Buy iCall - Small Business VoIP on the App StoreiCall, a Greenwich CT based startup started by Arlo Gilbert is busy working on another competitor to Fring, mentioned Friday. What is interesting about iCall is the ability, shown in the above video, to intercept incoming cell calls and patch them through to a VOIP network.


StepTrak Lite: A Free, Accurate iPhone Pedometer

Buy StepTrakLite on the App StoreIf you like hiking or just long walks, you will enjoy StepTrak Lite, a free pedometer app for the iPhone by Cambridge, Mass based Aware Technologies. We would like to thank a senior engineer at Aware, Ari Benbasat, for pointing out this original and very useful app to AppCraver.

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