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Fring Could be the Ultimate Killer App.

Buy fring on the App StoreFring, the integrated IM client, launched today for the iPhone. Before getting into Fring specifics, pay attention to what happens at 46seconds on the above video. What is mentioned (an I have confirmed) is that if you hold down the sleep (top) button of Fring for a second and then release, the phone will power off, but you still will receive alert messages when pinged by a Fring IM client (such as AIM or Skype).

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Interesting use of Digital Clock App

Via iPhone Saviour.


Non-Jailbroken PhotoBoard Released Today. Get it.

Buy Photoboard on the App StorePhotoBoard, an app previously only available for Jail Broken phones, was released today on the App Store for $0.99. Its one of those apps, like Shazam or Pandora that just seem made for iPhone.

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Attention Chess Fanatics: Free Chess Puzzles!

Chess Puzzles, a free game by independent developer IggyGames, contains 50 chess puzzles of varying difficulty, starting with (relatively simple) mate in 2 problems, ranging to mate in 5.

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GL Golf. Where You Go After iGolf

Buy GL Golf on the App StoreGL Golf does not use the accelerometer like iGolf (and the Wii) does. And it is not free. As a paid app, it might be better suited for hard core golf gaming fanatics. But it doesn't disappoint. GL Golf offers a selection of full 18 hole simulated courses (unlike iGolf which only offers a number of individual holes), including Old St Andrews.

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The iPhone Platform -- Discussions With a Leading Developer

I spoke today with a leading independent iPhone developer off the record. (Despite the fact that the NDA has been lifted today, one has to be somewhat cautious). A few bullet points: - iPhone app development can, in fact, be a way to make a living.


Business Week Surveys the Market for iPhone Apps

Business Week has an in-depth review of the reality facing App Store developers. A common picture emerges: despite some isolated successes, many developers are feeling intense competition and are being forced to cut prices, or even give away their iPhone apps for free.


Scrabble from EA Sets the Bar and It's Free

When I saw "Scrabble" hit the App Store my first thought was that the game play was going to be painful on a device with a 4.5 by 2 inch display and no keyboard. But somehow, the team at EA, the largest game publisher in the world, has created an app that is not only incredibly fun to play, but makes you forget the limitations of the iPhone.

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iGolf Releases Version 2.0 - Play Par 3 Golf on the iPhone

Buy SGN Golf on the App StoreiGolf today released version 2.0 of their Free Golf simulation game for the iPhone. This is a significant new release: instead of just playing on a driving range, you can now play two par 3 holes and one par 4.

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AirSharing Downloaded more than 1 Million Times

In a mere two weeks, the file storage program AirSharing has been downloaded over 1 million times according to the company's president and CEO, Dave Howell. Check out our review of AirSharing which scored a perfect score 10/10 with our staff.


Nine Inch Nails in Deal With Tapulous. Are Single Artist Apps Next?

Trent Reznor, the leader of Nine Inch Nails, will distribute his last two albums in a special Nine Inch Nails themed version of Tap Tap Revenge. This opens the door to the possibility of specific apps for individual artists, where avid fans would have access to tour dates, new music releases, video out-takes and other material.


The First SpreadSheet now Available on iPhone

Buy Spreadsheet on the App StoreSeveral apps on the iPhone (for example datacase) allow you to view spreadsheets, but none -- up until now -- actually let you create your own spreadsheet on the iPhone. London based SoftTalk, an enterprise software company that started in 1994, has the honor of being the first company to fill that void.

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App Store eliminates aggregate categories

The App Store has eliminated the aggregate "All iPhone" apps category -- making it more difficult to determine what the new apps are. As iPhoneAtlas notes: “Without (these categories), now you really can’t browse the entire library anymore, seeing what has just been added, upgraded, etc.


Fring to Launch VOIP iPhone App

Fring, the Skype meets Trillian all-in-one Instant Messenger, VOIP social app is coming to the iPhone. According to the fring forum, the following showed up on their web site yesterday: "fring is now available on the iPhone App Store making it easy for anyone to use fring on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.


In Review -- The Week Ending Fri Sept 26

This week the iPhone's spotlight was dimmed by the extraordinary events in the financial sector and by the (somewhat lukewarm) unveiling of Google Android. Still there are a number of things worth recapping: First, the iPhone growth remains unabated.


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