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iPhone Firmware 2.1 first tests

We've successfully installed the new firmware for iPhone 2.1 and we can allready report that the problem of long backups appears to be completely fixed. With 60+ apps on a test phone, the entire backup process took just 20 seconds.


Yahoo One Connect proves Yahoo doesn't get Social Networking

Yahoo One Connect is an ambitious, and very good looking app. Unfortunately it is close to useless for most people. The idea of the app is to bring all of your contacts in one place: and by "all" they mean the following social networks and services: Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, Twitter, YouTube, LastFM and Flickr.

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Scramboni - Multiplayer Apps arrive on iPhone

"Scramboni" sounds a little like a Scrabble rip-off, but in reality is a slickly designed multiplayer game by ByteClub, a startup specifically devoted to social, multiplayer games. This promises to be a very exciting category, and it appears Scramboni is the first entrant into it.

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App Price Wars -- Air sharing gives away "Files" for free

For the next week, you can download a copy of "Air Sharing" -- yet another file storage on your iPhone app -- free. The Air Sharing app is very similar to the DataCase and Files apps we reviewed earlier -- but has a slightly more intuitive interface and a very in-depth embedded help facility, something that is critically missing in those 2 apps (or for that matter on almost all apps).

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Spore Origins is AppCraver's new Favorite Game

The much anticipated "Spore Origins" game from Electronic Arts is here, and AppCraver loves it. If you don't already know, "Spore" is a game that has been in development for several years now, and is designed by the folks who brought you "The Sims" -- one of the best selling games ever.

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Sekai camera "Extended Reality" iphone app

One of the more interesting demos at the Techcrunch 50 event -- an iPhone app that allows you to see "annotations" such as nearby restaurants when looking through an iPhone camera. This is something directly out of a science fiction movie.


Apple Keynote Video now on the Web

Here is the link to the Apple Keynote Video More highlights: 1 min - 3,000 total apps in the AppStore 3min - 65,000,000 accounts with credit cards on iTunes. Apple is the largest overall music distributor.


Dating on the iPhone -- Why Are There no Apps?

Dating is a huge category (and a profitable one) for websites. Companies like (owned by IAC), eharmony and  jdate are just a few examples of websites that focus specificaly on dating.


iPhone 2.1 Update Available this Friday, Sept 12

Steve Jobs officially announced the much awaited iPhone 2.1 software at the "Let's Rock" music event in San Francisco. "This is a big update, and it fixes lots of bugs" said Jobs. Fewer dropped calls, fewer app crashes and better battery life were all mentioned.


Shop with Grocery Gadget on your iPhone

Grocery Gadget is a $2.99 list app that allows you to create custom shopping lists on your iPhone and then check off the items as you load your cart. The app works as you would expect -- create a list by first selecting from a wide array of products (including, for example, rabbit food), and then check off the items one by one as you shop.

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O'Reilly to Launch iPhoneLive conference Nov 18

There is now an official conference for iPhone developers: iPhoneLive, from the O'Reilly group, is already offering early bird discounts for $625. The conference will feature talks by some leading iPhone developers such as DemiForce, the makers of Trism.


iPhone Firmware 2.1 due tuesday?

According to inside sources at Ars Technica, the "Let's Rock" Apple private invite only event will include the much anticipated release of iPhone firmware 2.1. Among the list of expected improvements: - a solution to apps repeatedly crashing the iPhone (and sometimes resulting in the Apple Screen of Death) - preliminary support for push technology allowing apps to get background info - new GPS functionality -- possibly allowing background GPS notification, as intimated by loopt One disturbing aspect: "We were told that, aside from what we already know about iPhone 2.1 from leaked info on the web, there are other parts to 2.1 that were specifically removed from developer seeds in order to keep them secret from the world." As usual, Apple is carefully managing the release of information...


MyNetDiary is a Great Calorie Counter - but costs 9 dollars a month!

The "health and fitness" area of the AppStore is filled with extremely bad calorie counter apps (such as "Absolute Fitness" — which should be totally avoided). With the self-proclaimed tagline "Serious Weight Loss Comes to the iPhone", MyNetDiary promises more and delivers.

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Appcraver Update: New Editors' Picks Section

Lots of changes at Appcraver. We're proud to present our new updated Editors' Picks tab. In this area of the site, we'll showcase apps that we think are particularily worthy -- things that we think you should at least try out and probably will want to keep in your iPhone's permanent collection.


Shovel is Digg for the iPhone

Shovel is an app that lists the top stories from the Digg news service on your iPhone. It is run by a seperate company (not Digg itself), which makes it somewhat likely Digg will shut it down somewhere in the near future.

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