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10 iPhone Apps I can't live without

miphoneInspired by Mike Arrington's post on Web Apps he can't live without, here is my list of iPhone apps that I use on a daily basis. This is not the same list as "best apps", it doesn't for example include games and other apps that I enjoy from time to time.


Starmap is for Serious Stargazers Only

When I first downloaded "Starmap" from French Publisher Star-map, I was somewhat disappointed. The star charts were accurate of course, but panning around was clunky, with a low refresh rate.

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"Chess" is a Great First Step

If you enjoy playing chess, you will want to pick up the $4.99 Chess App by  Swedish app developer Memention AB.  The app is a standard, play-against- the-computer chess game with 5 levels of play.

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Asphalt4 Sets a New Standard in Racing Games

Buy Asphalt 4: Elite Racing on the App StoreAsphalt4 from serious game developer GameLoft (producer of Shrek Video Games and Death Race Mobile) is a $9.99 Racing Game that combines the realistic action of Wing Nuts Motochaser with streetscapes set in Los Angeles.

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BlackBook is the Definitive Hip Urban Guide

Buy BlackBook City Guides on the App StoreThere are several good restaurant review apps in the AppStore (my personal favorite is UrbanSpoon), but they all suffer from clutter - the hip, trendy sushi spot that you really want to go to is listed right next to the neighborhood Jack in the Box.

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LastFM App Rocks for Station Surfing from Your iPhone

Buy on the App StoreMost people are familiar with Pandora, the music discovery service based on the Music Genome Project. Fewer people (including myself) have followed the evolution of CBS-owned LastFM. Originally known for their iTunes plugin called "AudioScrobbler", the idea of LastFM is to suggest music based on what other people listen to.

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NrMe is a Ghost Town

I like the idea of "NrMe" -- a place where users on the iPhone can chat based on location. Specifically, NrMe shows posts within a certain 9 block geo location. The idea, in theory at least, is that you can get information about clubs, bars etc...

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AOL Radio is Free, but Limited

Buy AOL Radio on the App StoreIf there was no competition, I would be tempted to recommend AOL Radio, the free internet Radio compilation app from America On Line. The app has one huge thing going for it — the price (Free).

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8 Million iPhones

According to the Mac Observer, a recent iPhone purchased in Sunnyvale, CA had the number "01 171400 6049xx x". By tracking the sequence of IMEIs, they can now say, with a fair degree of certainty, that as of Aug.


NetNewsWire is NewsGator for iPhone

NetNewsWire has an unfortunate name. It doesn't sound like an RSS reader, and there is no connection between its name and its parent, the well known (and liked) NewsGator RSS service. However, the product is solid, and currrently the best choice for an RSS reader on iPhone until Google Reader completes its iPhone port.

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"Files" Provides Data Storage on the iPhone - Sort Of...

The iPhone comes with either 8Gb or 16Gb of memory; why shouldn't you be able to use this memory as a giant USB stick to store your personal files / videos / mp3? The answer is of course, that you should, but that Apple wants to control as much of this as possible.

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Zenbe Lists is a Close to Perfect To-Do List

Zenbe Lists, from downtown New York-based Zenbe is a must have to-do list app. It is heads and shoulders above any other app in this category. Competitors should be very, very afraid. To do lists are important to mac users, because unlike Outlook's tasks, there is no "to-do" functionality built into the mac ical/macmail/mobileme suite.

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Tuner Internet Radio Claims 4000+ Streaming Stations on the iPhone

Buy Tuner Internet Radio on the App StoreI've never quite seen the point of Internet Radio on the desktop. But with the advent of "Tuner Internet Radio", and other radio apps on the iPhone, the concept makes sense. Now you can plug your iPhone into your home stereo or your car and you have 4000+ radio stations at your fingertips.

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"Tethering" coming soon to iPhone

According to Gizmodo, ATT and Apple are trying to work on an Apple app for "tethering" your iPhone service to a regular mac -- in other words, using the phone to provide internet connectivity to the desktop.


Google to Launch Android "Marketplace" -- AppStore Knockoff

According to the Android Developers Blog Google is working on a version of App Store for the Android platform, dubbed the "Android Market". Screen shots indicate that there apps may have access to your GPS location, and there is a mention of background running processes, a feature clearly missing in version 2.0 of iPhone.


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